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Questions about the Clever Dude

How did you choose the name Clever Dude?
Ok, I admit, the story behind the name isn’t so clever, nor exciting. When I signed up with Dreamhost, I found that I could get a free domain name. I plugged in a few ideas I had, but they were all taken. However, the site I was using to query for domain names provided me with some alternative names. Halfway down the list was I thought “Well, that’s catchy” and I took it.

You’re my hero, but I don’t know anything about you. Who are you?!?
Ok, well that’s just a creepy way to ask, but here goes:
I’m a late-20’s technical analyst in the Washington, D.C. area (specifically Montgomery County, MD). I’ve been married for over 3 years, and have been a homeowner for 2 years. I’ve had this site up since June, 2006.

Who gave you the right to talk about personal finance, marriage, families, etc???
Whoah! Calm down there. As you’ll see in my About page, I only have my own experience, as well as what I’ve learned from others, to back up my advice on this site. I’m not a professionally licensed ANYTHING, so let’s be clear that you should follow my advice at your own peril (not that my advice is perilous, just that your situation might be).

There’s so many Personal Finance sites out there. What do you expect to add?
I’ve made major mistakes in judgment across the board that have led me to my current state of debt. Now I’m in recovery mode, and I’d like to pass that knowledge onto others seeking advice. As I write, I want to be sure I don’t duplicate what’s already out there, but some things just can’t get enough publicity, so I hope to pass on the word.

Why do you keep changing the look of your site?
As of this post, I’ve done a major rework of the site twice. Today was the latest. I hope to have landed on the right theme for Clever Dude, but I can’t guarantee I won’t change the site again. Personally, I’m still learning all there is to WordPress, so I expect to further refine my site as my tastes, or your interests, change.

Aren’t you done talking yet?
Well you’re the one asking me questions! I’m sorry, I’ll stop now. Thanks for reading!

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