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Q3 2007: The Personal Finance Blogs in My Reader

It’s been 3 months since last posting my RSS reader list, and since about 40% of the former entries have changed, I figured I should push out an update. The last time, I had 64 Personal Finance sites on the list, and this time I have 82. At one time this summer, I had up to 120 sites, but I did a major purge of about 30 sites a few weeks ago. Those sites hadn’t updated in at least a month, or they had just gone too off topic.

So here is the current list of Personal Finance sites on my Google Reader. If anyone knows a good way to extract these links from an OPML file, please let me know! At least this time, I found a site where I can upload and share my list, and then I copied the HTML from their page. I still had to do some manual editing, but I’d like something faster. A WordPress plugin would be even better (to show my whole reader list, not just the Shared items).

Also, if you can recommend any PF sites, please do. Shoot me the link via my contact page please. If you leave a comment with the link, I can’t be assured that Spam Karma won’t grab it.

So here they are, in alphabetical order:

  1. 1MansMoney
  2. Accumulating Money
  3. AllThingsFinanacial
  4. Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog
  5. Blogging Away Debt
  6. Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
  7. Blunt Money
  8. Boston Gal’s Open Wallet
  9. brip blap
  10. Cheap as chips
  11. College and Finance
  12. Consumerism Commentary
  13. DebtFREE-Revolution
  14. Don’t Mess With Taxes
  15. Dual Income No Kids
  16. Everybody Loves Your Money
  17. Financial Dominance
  18. FIRE Finance
  19. fivecentnickel
  20. Free Money Finance
  21. Frugal Babe
  22. Frugal For Life
  23. Frugal Journey
  24. Frugal Panda
  25. Gather Little By Little
  26. Generation X Finance
  27. Get Rich Slowly
  28. Grad Money Matters
  29. How I Save
  30. I’ve Paid for This Twice Already
  31. I Will Teach You To Be Rich
  32. Kiss of Debt
  33. kmull
  34. Lazy Man and Money
  35. Living Behind The Curve
  36. Make Love, Not Debt
  37. Mighty Bargain Hunter
  38. Million Dollar Journey
  39. Money and Such
  40. Money and Values
  41. Money Ning
  42. Money Smart Life
  43. Money Under 30
  44. Money Walks
  45. Money, Matter, and More Musings
  46. Moneymonk
  47. Moolanomy
  48. My New Choice
  49. My Open Wallet
  50. My Two Dollars
  51. My Wealth Builder
  52. MyMint
  53. MyMoneyBlog
  54. No Credit Needed
  55. Not Made Of Money
  56. One Frugal Girl
  57. Personal Finance Advice
  58. plonkee money
  59. Queercents
  60. The Sun’s Financial Diary
  61. Single Ma’s Fabulous Financials
  62. Smart Money Daily
  63. Stock Trading To Go
  64. StopBuyingCrap
  65. The Digerati Life
  66. The Financial Ladder
  67. The Frugal Duchess
  68. The Frugal Law Student
  69. The Happy Rock
  70. The Money Mythos
  71. The One Year Exit Plan
  72. The Personal Finance Weblog
  73. The Simple Dollar
  74. The Wastrel Show
  75. Tired but happy
  76. We’re In Debt
  77. Wise Bread
  78. Worldwide Success

I do read through my list every day. I actually read about 20% of the articles, and comment on about 5-10%.

So let me know what other sites you like and I’ll add them. Keep it Personal Finance though!

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