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Protecting Your Investment: 3 Reasons You Should Consider a Bed Liner for Your Truck

For many people, a truck is a part of their livelihood. Whether that livelihood is a personal business, like contract work or job site work, or if it’s simply used to haul your family and their gear from one spot to another, your truck is an important part of your life.

Whether your truck bed is full of construction gear, people, or all the makings of a cookout, you want it to stay in tiptop shape for as long as you feasibly can. Often with vehicles, we focus on engines and engine health, and while this is incredibly important to your vehicle’s ability to run, maintaining the exterior of your truck can be very important as well.

Keeping the exterior of your truck is good condition isn’t just important for aesthetics, but allows you to help prevent rust and spot damage early. One of the best ways to do this with a truck is to get a bed liner.

Truck bed liners can face some steep criticism, but we’re strong advocates and here’s three reasons why:

Damage control

A standard truck bed is pretty naked. The painted steel is exposed to all kinds of wear and tear, including moisture, mud, and whatever cargo you haul. As you slide heavy objects in and out of the bed, you’re likely to scratch the floor and sides of the bed, which can cause the paint to chip. Once your paint is removed, the steel is exposed to the elements and begins to rust. Unless you notice it and repaint it very quickly, that rust can begin damaging the structural integrity of your truck bed. A bed liner will prevent this issue from ever starting by protecting the steel from scratches and damage.

Safer cargo

Liners can provide a skid resistant surface that will make carrying cargo a breeze. If you regularly haul large cargo, you’ll find that having a bed liner sprayed in will help secure your cargo by giving it some grip while it’s in your truck bed. This will help prevent sliding and shifting that can happen to cargo with smooth bottoms. That being said, you’ll still want to strap your cargo in to make sure it doesn’t shift if you have to make a sharp turn or abrupt stop.

Permanent protection for hardworking vehicles

There are two main kinds of bed liners: spray in and drop-in. A spray-in liner offers a permanent solution for protecting your truck bed. This is especially handy if your truck is a hardworking vehicle that is often exposed to rough conditions or harsh environments.

While a drop-in liner is easier to install, it can actually cause a lot of the problems you’re looking to have a bed liner prevent. Drop-in liners can scratch the steel and cause rust problems to form that are hidden from view underneath the bed liner. Instead, using a spray in liner like Durabak bed liner paint can protect your bed and keep it safe for the rest of the time you own your truck.


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