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If you’re anything like me you look at your phone as your link to everything.

  • Banking
  • Saving
  • Shopping
  • Paying bills
  • Answering questions on the fly

I would be lost emotionally, spiritually, and financially if my phone either was stolen, lost, or broken.

How can we take basic steps to protect ourselves and our phone.

The manufacturer includes some safety features for us to easily take advantage of.

Every phone I’ve ever owned has the ability to use a code for security purposes.

In the settings feature you can change the numbers or letters for your code and choose when and in what programs you would like to use your password or code.

Some phones are equipped with fingerprint recognition to unlock your phone.

Most apps now require a password when opening or charging money in any way.

I won’t use an app that doesn’t require a password as I don’t want just anyone to be able to charge my account or make changes that I haven’t wanted or approved.

My Starbucks app asks for my password of fingerprint before I can add money to my virtual starbucks card.

My bank also requires my password every time I log in or leave the app open for to long.

The bank will at random times require me to do a 2 step authentication process to ensure proper use by me.

This app also automatically logs me out after a certain pre-designated amount of time.

There are aftermarket safety features that can be purchased for your phone as well as free protection programs.

I prefer not to get a free one since there is much more work that goes into the one that you are charged for.

You will get a lot more protection and no adds.

You can use a VPN (virtual private network), such as VPNs R us, to protect yourself as well.

A VPN allows the user to send and receive data across a network (like the Internet) in a secure manner as if their device is directly connected to a private network that’s in a remote location.

If you come to the point where you have misplaced your phone or it has been stolen there are apps to track it down.

Some of these apps will also lock your phone remotely so that another user cannot access it.

Norton Mobile security offers phone tracking and the ability to wipe the device remotely.

Find MY Phone for Android and Find My IPhone also allow you to access the devices location.

Some of these apps only ask for you to login and verify a few pieces of information, such as your email and password.


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