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Personal Finance blogs on my current reading list — Are you one?

I could literally hold my old NCAA-style tournament because I just realized, after combing through all my subscribed Personal Finance feeds, that I am subscribed to 64 blogs. Granted, I had about 74 to begin, but I unsubscribed from any that hadn’t been updated in May. There are a few of you on the border, but I left you in there (shame on you!).

I admit that reading 64 sites (plus the 2 dozen other sites I read like Lifehacker and Problogger) can be a bit overwhelming, but I really enjoy what you all write. I read about 40% of the articles (or at least skim), while I skip over the other 60% based on the title and/or first few sentences. I’m sure many of you do the same for my site too!

So, without further ado, here’s my current reading list in alphabetical order. This is straight out of Google Reader with a good bit of manual formatting to get the actual links to your sites rather than to your feed. If I screwed up any links, let me know. Also, if you’re a PF blog and think you should be on my reading list, leave a comment on this post. Be forewarned though, I have the right to remove any link I deem inappropriate or non-Personal Finance related.

The List



Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog

Binary Dollar

Birds & Bills

Blogging Away Debt

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

Blunt Money

Boston Gal’s Open Wallet

Clever Dude (yeah, I read my own site to verify the feed)

Consumerism Commentary

Don’t Mess With Taxes

Everybody Loves Your Money

Festival of Frugality

FIRE Finance

Frank the Financially Savvy Atheist (The F.S.A.)

Free Money Finance


Get Rich Slowly

Getting Green

Grad Money Matters

How I Save

Kiss of Debt


Lazy Man and Money

Make Love, Not Debt: A relationship finance blog

Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge

Mighty Bargain Hunter

Million Dollar Journey

Money Smart Life

Money Under 30

Money Walks

My Financial Journey

My Money Blog

My New Choice

My Open Wallet

My Two Dollars

My Wealth Builder


No Credit Needed Blog

No Credit Needed Network

Personal Finance Advice



Single Ma’s Fabulous Financials

Smart Money Daily

Stock Trading 101

The Digerati Life

The Financial Ladder

The Frugal Duchess

The Frugal Law Student

The Happy Rock

The Money Mythos

The One Year Exit Plan

The Personal Finance Weblog

The Simple Dollar

The Sun’s Financial Diary

Tired but happy

We’re In Debt

Wise Bread

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