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Paribus Review: Get Price Match Refunds With Zero Effort

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A person can save a ton of money by comparison shopping. Because retailers price the exact same product differently, and due to sales and rebates, shopping around can have a significant influence on how much a consumer pays for a specific product. But shopping takes time and effort, so many people don’t do it.

But what if someone or something else would compare the prices of a given product across retailers for you? That exactly what Paribus promises to do. Let’s take a closer look, and do a Paribus review.

How Paribus Works

Many retailers offer price matching if a less expensive price can be found from another retailer, or a refund of the difference if their price drops within a certain period of time. Taking advantage of these offers takes time and effort to comparison shop and keep an eye on the price at that same retailer. Paribus can save you time and money by doing the work for you for online purchases from select retailers.  The service will scan your email inbox for receipts, and then compare what you paid to other online retailers, as well as the same retailer in the immediate future. If Paribus finds a cheaper price, the price drops, or if you missed an online coupon code, it collects the price match difference for you and sends you a check.

The current list of participating retailers includes retail giants such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Costco. Here is a full list of the participating retailers.
Paribus Review Get Price Match Refunds With Zero Effort

Given that Paribus has funding from a major bank, this list is likely to grow. Check out their website for the latest.

What Does Paribus Cost?

Installing and using Paribus is free, however each time it finds a price match refund, it collects 25%.

How To Setup Paribus

Setting up a Paribus account is quick and easy. First you have to give Paribus access to your email inbox, as well as a credit card. The email inbox access is to scan for receipts from the supported online retailers. The credit card account for Paribus to collect their fee. When a refund is found, the full refund amount is sent directly to you, while the 25% fee is deducted from the amount recovered.

It is free to download and run.  You don’t pay until Paribus gets your money back.

The Paribus sign up link is here or you can click on the banner below.

Amazon Works Differently

For those who shop at Amazon,  they will have to provide Paribus their username and password to access their order history.  There have also been reports that sometimes Paribus loses it’s connection to Amazon accounts.  It’s always a good idea to check after making a purchase through one of the participating retailers to ensure it is picked up by Paribus.

How Much Will You Save?

According to the founders of Paribus, the average user saves $3-$5 a month.  The more a user shops online, the more savings they would likely see.

Final Analysis: Wrapping Up The Paribus Review

There are some downsides to the service. Some may have security concerns allowing a third party the ability to access their email inbox. One workaround could be to create an email account used only for online shopping. Also, the service only works with online sales, and only with certain retailers.

However, the upside is Paribus could put a nice chunk of change in your pocket. The participating retailers are some of the biggest names in retail. If you do a lot of online shopping, Paribus might just be able to save you some money, with zero effort.

How about you, Clever Friends, have you used this service and could you provide your own Paribus review? Have you received any rebate checks? Would you give Paribus a try?

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