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Overworked, Overwhelmed and Underpaid

Aren’t we all feeling a bit overworked, overwhelmed and/or underpaid? Well, actually I’m only feeling one of those, but I’ll get to that later.

Louis Barajas has taken his nearly 20 years of experience as a financial planner and determined that people always complain about the same three things. “Overworked, Overwhelmed & Underpaid” tackles those complaints head-on.

In my current job, I’m actually feeling underworked and overpaid, but that seems to be an enviable position for many. However, when you find yourself without any new skills after a year of work, you begin to get worried about your marketability. I’m also very anxious about finally making some positive improvements at my current client, but external forces are preventing all our attempts at effecting some change. I do feel overwhelmed, though, with all the possibilities I have to change my life, but lack the prioritization of any of them.

But for the rest of you who need some help getting your life in focus, stepping back to see the bigger picture, and perhaps even getting your marriage, family or general personal life in order, I’d take a look at Louis’ book. Unfortunately, the people who need it the most will probably be the same ones who say “I don’t have time listen to a book much less read one!”. Well, I’m sorry but if you don’t take a time out, you’ll just run out of time.

Financial Stress and Relationships

Louis has seen it all when it comes to marital or dating problems, but from a different perspective than a couples counselor. Couples, and singles, come to him with their financial problems, and how they’re affecting their relationships (spouse, significant other, family, coworkers), or how their relationships seem to affect their financial situation.

Money is both the root of all evil and the means to lifelong happiness, but you need to have a handle on three important things before you can truly appreciate the money you earn, or are trying to earn:

Mindset, Money, and Meaning

In Louis’ own words”

The 3 M’s are Mindset, Money, and Meaning. I want my clients to work from an abundance (loving) mindset, not from a poverty (fearful) mindset. This opens the heart and the head to endless possibilities of how they can achieve their financial dreams. The Money is the focus on how to create, leverage, use, or manage money for the third M. That is Meaning. Money is to be used to express your full potential and live your highest purpose. For many this is just being the best mom, or spouse. It’s about living a happier life.

Basically, Louis explains the process of changing your perception (mindset) before tackling the money issue. And at the same time, you need to find some meaning in what you do. If you’re always running the kids around without a break, or always working to put out fires at the office, stop and ask yourself why you’re stressing yourself so hard.

People think they’re underpaid when really they’re just in the wrong profession, or are missing something else in their life. They’ll take it out on their employers, coworkers or family simply because they don’t know the root of the problem. Louis explores numerous potential causes of relationship and employment conflict and provides many handy activities to help you both understand yourself better as well as progress away from the overworked, overwhelmed and underpaid mentality.

Overworked, Overwhelmed & Underpaid” is certainly yet another self-help book that’s there to help you explore the internal in order to change the external. I’d ask what can it offer me that other books can’t. Whereas many self-help books just help you to find meaning in your life, Louis’ approach also includes your financial life as a key motivator and enabler. It’s part self-help and part “get rich” (not get rich quick though). Louis recognizes that a person happy with their finances is happier in general, and I agree wholeheartedly. While money doesn’t provide meaning to your life, it’s hard to attain your dreams without it.

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  • “Money is both the root of all evil and the means to lifelong happiness”

    You have that incorrect. The quote is that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil, not the money itself.

  • @Traciatim, uh, no I meant what I wrote. I didn’t say “Money is evil”, I said it’s “the root of all evil”. Evil boils down to greed, and since everything is bought and purchased in this world with some type of currency (cash, gold, barter), the feeling of inequity in that exchange, and the greed for more of that currency is the result of the concept of money. Therefore, I feel money is the root of all evil.

    I know your intentions were to say that money has no soul so how can it be evil, but I didn’t say money was evil

  • This was an interesting article to read today as I’ve been feeling the exact same three things for some time now. I know the problem, I’m not doing the things I want to be doing long term. I’m still busting my butt in the day job that’s just paying the bills. But, I’m so overwhelmed that I’m struggling to find the time to work on what I want to be working on to get my career in focus.

    At work, I’m the one that puts out the fires. It’s odd, but I enjoy being needed to a degree. What really stresses me out though is when coworkers don’t take the initiative to do something I’ve already fixed once. If I have to keep fixing it, then it’s a problem for me. But at the end of the day, it’s not what I want to be doing and I need to find a way to simplify my life so I can focus on the things that do make me happy – which incidentally don’t include money, but could lead to a lot of money.

    I like the quote “money is both the root of all evil and the means to lifelong happiness.” Amen!

  • CleverDude, even by your own definition, money is not the root of all evil. You had mention greed, and greed is a human mentality/emotion, or whatever you name it. People allow themselves to be affected by money. So really… human is the root of all evil (and good if they choose to)

  • Kin —

    He pretty much already said this… but he isn’t saying that the money feels greed just like he wasn’t saying money is evil.

    He said money is the root of all evil and I don’t think he is personifying money at all.


  • You stated that money was the root of all evil. The source of the ‘money is the root of all evil’ is from the bible, but it’s not the money that’s the root of all evil, it’s the love of money that the bible is declaring evil.

    As stated by another poster above, money is simply neutral.

  • He didn’t quote the Bible. He made a statement derived from that quote. There were no quotation marks so there is no need to “correct” him on that, regardless of whether you agree with the statement or not.

  • Interesting book. I’m currently underworked, underpaid, and overwhelmed (looking for another full time, decent paying job), so I suppose this book would pretty good for me.

    And, in spite of it being the root of all evil, I would like a bit more money in my life; just a bit more, though, I’m pretty evil already 😉

  • As far as I’m concerned, money is an inanimate object that we as humans glorify. As individuals and a society as a whole, we need to reevaluate what defines us. Money helps us achieve our goals, it doesn’t make them for us. It’s good to be focused and goal orientated but its more important for us to stop and realize why we are striving for the things we are. All of us are overworked and underpaid. But we should also look at why we are in the situation we are in. We should also look at how much worse off we could be. Its an ongoing battle between wallet and conscience.

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