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Our FREE $300 Sharper Image Stereo Arrived

Sharper Image StereoI’ve had my Pioneer stereo for about 12 years now, and the 6 CD changer for almost as long. The digital tuner knob would only tune downwards and the CD player sounded like a 747 taking flight.

So when I saw the Sharper Image stereo my sister won as the lead Cingular salesperson a few years ago, I knew that would be our next style. It was wall-mounted, played CDs upright, and just looked cool (I was going to say “sharp”, but that would be a bad pun).

But every time I went to the Sharper Image website, I couldn’t find the same stereo, or it was just too expensive.

Fast forward 2 years
This past November, I redeemed $40 in Discover cash back towards an $80 Sharper Image gift card (they doubled the value). And then I waited. Finally, when browsing the Sharper Image site, I noticed a link to the “Outlet” where they sell discontinued, low-selling, and refurbished products.

Guess what I found? The same stereo. It appears they’re out of stock now, and they may remove the link at any time.

It was $299, marked down to about $75 I found an coupon code for free shipping, and got the stereo for under $80. I still have a couple dollars left on the card!

I assembled the stereo last night, and tested a few functions (CD, tuner) today. The remote is heavy, as is the stereo, and the remote’s volume and forward/back buttons are useless, but the stereo sure looks sweet. Now I just need to measure out some space on the wall, but leave some room for our 500″ Plasma TV!

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