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Organising a Fundraiser for Beginners

Whether it’s a one off event for a cause that’s close to your heart, or your full time job, there’s always going to be a first time you have to organize a fund raising event, and it can be intimidating. Unlike with other events, as well as the personal and professional fallout if it doesn’t go well, you also have the creeping sense that you’ve let down a good cause.

If you start getting organized early, and break everything down into manageable steps you can beat that anxiety and put together a great event, that’ll raise plenty of funds for the cause you’ve chosen, so let’s get planning!


The first step to getting your fundraising event right is effective budgeting. If the costs spiral out of control, you won’t be able to make the donation you wanted to your charity at the end, which undermines all the effort you’ve put in.

Make sure you’ve taken account of everything: food, staff, security, venue and any insurance or permits you may require. Make sure you budget a little extra for unforeseen emergencies to avoid being caught out.


Choosing the right venue is important: it needs to be accessible for the people you’ve invited and include all the facilities you need for the event you’ve planned, whether that’s a stage and equipment for a band, a kitchen for food or simply enough seating to keep everyone in comfort.

If you look into venue hire London has plenty of options to suit every occasion. Make a short list of suitable venues and enquire about pricing before making a firm decision to avoid paying over the odds.


This might be the most important facet of all. You need to make sure you are communicating regularly and appropriately with everyone involved. Appropriately in this case means with the right voice for the event: of you’re asking people to give up their time to provide entertainment make sure you’re polite and aware of the time and effort they’re giving up for you. If you’re rude and they feel like they’re being taken advantage of, you may have some short notice cancellations to worry about!

When you’ve communicating with guests, it’s important to be sure you’re imparting all the information necessary about the event – time, location and access information, as well as getting your guests excited about the cause and how they can help raise money.

Make sure you let them know where the funds raised will be used, and make sure your tone is right for the event. If you’re organising an exclusive black tie affair, a formal invitation suits the audience. A broader appeal event means a less formal more ‘fun’ tone!

Focus on these points and your fundraiser should go with a swing!


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