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Ordered my $120 Citibank Rebate Check

I’ve had my Citi Mastercard (sorry, no affiliate link) since 2006, but I used it for a $12,000 balance transfer until we paid off our credit cards in September 2007. Since October, we’ve used both the Citi card and our Discover card, along with a couple other cards, to earn rewards and rebates. Between the two main cards, we’ve amassed $290 in rewards in just 7 months!

In total, between the Citi and Discover cards, since October 2007, we’ve spent $14,169. Wow, I had no idea we spent that much until I looked! That averages to a 2% cashback bonus.

I used to get Sharper Image gift cards with our Discover rewards because you could double up to $40 in rewards to get an $80 gift card, but since Christmas, I’ve just taken straight statement credits. For the Citi card, however, I’ve just ordered the $120 rebate check, which I should get in “5-7 business days”.

So for all you credit card haters, nyah nyah nyah! If you know how to manage your spending and are responsible and organized enough to pay off the cards in time, you really can make money from your spending. Not only can credit cards be convenient, but they can be rewarding!

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  • I’m ashamed (NOT)to say that I took advantage of poor ole’ Citibank. I applied for the CashReturns card which paid 5% for the first 3 months. I used it to purchase things that I had planned to purchase anyway and had saved the money for. Instead, I paid with the Citicard and got the bonuses. I then pulled the money I’d saved and paid it off. I made an extra $250 not including the little bit of interest I earned while waiting to pay off the balance.

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