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Online Live Casino with Dealers

2Online live casino with dealer become more and more popular. Online streaming technologies allow you to watch online the game and to talk with live dealers. Lots of the live casino has roulettes with live dealers. What does it mean?

For example, you want to check if it is a real live stream or not. You ask a question to the live dealer via chat and according to the rules of the live casino he ought to answer you.

The common variety of the live dealer casino games is Roulette, Black Jack, Baccarat and Poker. Some live casinos include to these games the less popular. For example, Dragon and Tiger.

The mobile versions of the online live casino with real dealers also appear because of the gambling industry development in the Internet. Tested online live casino with a mobile version for Android and iOS you can find in the same section of our website. One of the most popular player’s questions is location of the live dealer.

People think that live dealers work in a land-based casino. But it isn’t true. It is an ordinary cozy office. 300-500 sq. meters area with special rest rooms for the live dealers.

The owners of the online live casino with live dealers try to create the entourage of the land-based casino for each client from all over the world and to help them to feel the real atmosphere of the passion and to get a dose of the adrenalin.

You’ll have an opportunity to give tips to the live dealer for the lucky game or to chat with a lovely live dealer girl without making any big rates.

The rather attractive thing is to select the live dealer for the game in a live casino. Probably, everyone would like to choose a girl who could bring a fortune to you.

Remember that the profession of live dealer in the Roulette or Black Jack isn’t an entertainment. It is a really hard work. That’s why not only the most beautiful but also the most attentive persons become the live dealer.

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