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Online Cryptocurrency Casinos:

Introduction to Crypto casinos:

With advancement in technology, the online casino games are also gaining height with new inventions and ideas that make gambling world more interesting. The new invention in the world of gambling that came into action in 2017 was the crypto currency casinos which have gained a lot of popularity in present era of 2018. The rising popularity of cryptocurrency casinos reveals that the future of these casinos will see tremendous profit in terms of both money making and fan following. The bitcoin brands are used in cryptocurrency casino which brings number of advantages along with it that not only provides a fair and clean game instead it also provides instant payment options and amazing jackpots with amazing winning amounts

What are crypto casinos?

Crypto casinos are the online casinos that make use of crypto currencies which are completely compatible to both the players and the casino itself. These casinos provide number of advantages in addition to the existing advantages of normal currency based online casinos. Cryptocurrency casinos are profitable in number of ways among which the top rated are mentioned below:


  • Tax-free payments:


The crypto casinos are very safe to be used in terms of payment where the third party cannot see the transactions or any payment made in crypto casino and these payments are tax free which means the players need not to pay any tax for nay money related activity that he performs on crypto currency. But there is an exception in few countries where the player has to pay some general tax.


  • Transaction easiness and rapid results:


The transaction methods are very fast in crypto casinos as it uses cryptocurrencies which gives best and quick results in any money transactions which include the facility of sending and getting funds at any time from any place as per the situation and requirements. This feature of crypto casinos attracts huge masses as all players are willing to have quick results without any delay in any kind of transaction.


  • Great Security options :


The security options of crypto casinos are amazing as every player can have a check on his coins and transactions that are being carried out from his account. There are no chances of any cheating or fraud as the control of all transactions is in hands of the player. This is a method by which the cryptocurrency is kept away from hacking. The data is kept completely secure and there is not central data that can provide a pathway for the hackers to cause an attack. Thus, crypto casino is completely secured and number one in terms of security parameters.


  • Financial freedom and anonymity:


Cryptocurrency offers complete independence as no one has a right to keep a check and interfere with cryptocurrency transactions including government itself. The transactions that are made in crypto casino do not use any personal information of the player therefore the player is free make any payments by using VPN. The geographic locations of the player are not of any use as the player is free to deposit and withdraw funds from any part of the world irrespective of his present location.


  • Very low or sometimes no fees at all:


The online casinos mostly charge certain transaction cost or fee which is sometimes too much for few players. the crypto casinos provide a opportunity for the player to make a fee free transaction and if there is a fee charged for transaction then the amount is very low which is easily affordable by the player.


  • Payments through mobiles:


The mobiles are very much compatible with cryptocurrency and the player can play online games on crypto casino sites but it requires a good internet connection.

Most used cryptocurrencies in crypto casinos:

  • As in case of online casinos which use different currencies to carry out betting process and any other transaction process, the crypto casinos also use cryptocurrencies for making transaction processes. There are many types of cryptocurrencies but the most used and the most trusted cryptocurrency is the “Bitcoin”. Bitcoin is rated at top position as compared to other digital currencies in case of crypto casinos because it’s much reliable and profitable as compared to other digital coins.
  • With the advancement in technology the cryptocurrencies have also introduced few more new inventions in terms of digital coins which have some more exciting characteristics as compared to bitcoin.
  • The alternative digital currencies used in place of bitcoin are Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, ERC20 tokens.

Here are few details about each crypto currency mentioned above to give a brief idea about what they are so that the player finds his way easy to choose the best digital coin for crypto casino:

  • Ethereum:

Though the popularity of bitcoin is remarkable, many crypto casinos advise to use ethereum as digital coin due to following characteristics:

  • The stability and consistency is very important while one is playing a gambling game as one cannot predict what the fate might turn into it may result to big winnings if favored or may lead to great loss if un favored. The ethereum as a digital coin provides complete consistency and stability and are not very expensive.
  • Privacy is the best characteristic of ethereum as it does not require any personal detail about the player. In case of bitcoin the players are called up with their nicknames but there is no such issue in case of ethereum as everything is kept isolated.
  • Transaction is faster and secure in this case as compared to bitcoin because bitcoin has a block chain time of approximately 10 minutes while ethereum takes 2 seconds for the whole transaction process which is undoubtedly very fast as compared to nay other digital coin transaction.
  • Fee rates are different for different processing complexities. Very less fee is required to cover the maintenance expenses of block chain. For certain cases it may be a little high that depends on the processes complexity.
  • Litecoin:

Litecoin is ranked third in the list of top rated digital currencies used in crypto casinos which is followed by bitcoin and ethereum. This invention came into action in order to find some solution for few challenges and flaws faced by cryptocurrencies. So here are few characteristics of litecoin:

  • Transaction is faster and secure in case of litecoin as compared to bitcoin because bitcoin has a block chain time of approximately 10 minutes where as litecoin takes 2.5 minutes for the whole transaction process which is undoubtedly very fast as compared to nay other digital coin transaction.
  • Mining process can be easily conducted in case of litecoin which means generation of new coins is very easy and fast. A faster algorithm is formulated to generate new coins from the block chain because it’s not an easy task to generate new coins that too at a fast rate.
  • Bitcoin use the SHA256 algorithm for mining where as litecoin use a more advanced algorithm termed as scrypt algorithm which makes production of coins very simple and that can be implemented on any PC.
  • The fee options are a bit disappointing in this case as compared to other two digital coin options because here the fee is a little high.

Advantages of crypto currency casino:

There are numerous advantages of crypto currency among which the most commonly known are listed below:

  • Provides a platform of large number of player to play with thus helps to get more exposure and learn new playing skills.
  • There are amazing and large numbers of jackpots that are denominated in multiple crypto currencies.
  • Amusing transaction benefits including safe payment options keeping the speed and account fees into consideration.
  • A fully encrypted privacy options for the players to enable safe payments and fair game play.

Benefits for the players through cryptocurrency casinos:

The players can get many benefits from crypto currency and it has amazing awards and jackpot options that make use of digital coins.

  • Players are offered numerous payment options which are important part of the players gaming strategy because a player gets to know which payment method would bring him more frequent and good results which is a part of his gaming strategy.
  • The players can gather an exciting new experience of using a different currency because earlier mostly currencies of particular country were only used. But crypto casino will provide a platform to gain new experience of playing with digital currency that will undoubtedly prove to be a great experience.
  • As the popularity and the demand of crypto casinos will keep on increasing, the gambling industry will keep on adding more new exciting features which will include amazing bonus offers and uncountable jackpot offers that will help the player to increase his bankroll and have a great game play with lot of fun and enjoyment.
  • New gaming skills can be learnt as different players show their talent so one who is a good learner can pick positive points of good players which can help him to make good strategies and have big winnings in the game.

Better to choose ones favorite cryptocurrency:

All the required information that a player searches for while going through a crypto casino has been clearly described above so the player will have no doubt about what crypto casinos are and how they work. The player is free to select the cryptocurrency which he finds best to be played with and accordingly he can choose the crypto casino. The player who finds bitcoin more suitable and easy to be played with can go for bitcoin casinos which are very popular nowadays similarly if a player wants to try something different then he can go with ethereum or Litecoin to try his luck which will no doubt give good results.

The crypto currency of different digital coins will also add new experience to the players gaming history and it’s very exciting to learn and use some new concepts in the gaming industry. The details about the top rated digital casinos have been clearly explained above so the selection procedure for the players will become quiet easy after a single reading is given to the above information.


Crypto casinos are at its utmost heights because of the incredible concept of game play and usage of new currency which attract lot of gamble lovers to the world of online casino games. The new inventions in the world of casino by the use of different digital coins have brought great enthusiasm among the players and all are interested to try their hand by using new currencies. So just give it a try and ones played, the player would like to play at crypto casinos again and again. The amazing security features, rapid transactions and fully encrypted security are some highlighted features of cryptocurrency casinos. Go ahead and enjoy the game.

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