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One Step Closer to Financial Freedom

default_clever_dude_imageThink about what financial freedom would be like to you. Think of how much money it would take for you to wake up in the morning and not think about the bills, the rent and going to work. Now realise that with low-cost living, smart planning and the right choices all that is within your grasp. From Freelance Writing to Money Saving sites, Spread Betting on the markets to Doing your own Handiwork, here is a short list of ways you can make all those things come true.

1)  Fed up of going to work? Start a Blog: Okay maybe it’s not that simple but it can be. Some of the most dedicated bloggers out there are earning in excess of $200k a month through sponsorship deals and paid writing. Find your passion be it Finance, Parenting, Sports or Cars and get to work. There are plenty of sites that offer free domain names and hosting for your first year so there isn’t even a cost!

2)  Save Money on the Everyday Items: Sites like Quidco and Top Cashback mean that you can save money on your basic shopping, travel, clothes and more. They even have a phone app so you can save money on the move when you haven’t got your computer to hand.

3)   Watch the News and play on the Markets: While this may take a little start-up capital, the trick is to bet small and make it big. Read up on the different free brokers like Spreadex and try for free before you risk your money. With the right amount of research and some carefully placed trades, you could be a regular Mr/Mrs Wall Street.

4)  Mystery Shop / Review Products: There are still a lot companies out there with big PR Teams looking to learn more about the publics’ perception of their products. Scour the internet and social forums and you’re bound to find a few that fit your everyday items which means lowering your’ outgoing and improving your incomings as any surplus requirements, once tested, can be sold.

5)  DIY: Think how much money you waste each year on paying gardeners, handymen, cleaners and alike and add it all up. Scary right!? So think about the bigger picture and the perfect amount of money and do it yourself.


6)  Become a Social Star: The amount of money paid to social entrepreneurs is frightening. Start your own YouTube channel or work on boosting your follower numbers then Google ‘make money from social’ and enjoy the rest. Some Social activists are earning in excess of $5million a year no reason why others can’t too.

While not all of these things can make you an overnight millionaire, they can certainly help get you closer. Let us know how you get on in the comments below and if you have any other ideas that can help others get started.

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