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Notice the changes on the Clever Dude homepage?

Some of you may have noticed that 2 weeks ago, and then again yesterday, I implemented a “post teaser” on my index pages (such as my homepage), rather than showing the complete post. Why?

I’m not looking to get more clicks to my article pages. Rather, I wanted to be able to show more articles on the homepage without the page being tremendously long. The less I show for each article, the more articles I can show and the less time to load the page (well, until I add more articles to the page). I used to only show 5 posts, but now I’m showing 8. I’ve configured the plugin to show about 175 words per post. That means less clicking for you, unless you want to read the full article. (I know there’s still some bugs, like on my search results page.)

It’s all to help you, my readers.

If you wanted to read the full post without even coming to my site, then sign up as an RSS Subscriber (I use Google Reader), or sign up to receive my posts in a nicely bundled email newsletter. The email collects all my posts for the last 24 hours and only sends, at most, one email per day. If I didn’t write anything in the last 24 hours, then you won’t get an email. Oh, and it’s very easy to unsubscribe from both methods, not that you’ll want to (I hope!).

And as I’ve said before, I won’t ever sell or give away your emails to third parties.

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