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New Opinion Poll: What do you think of my theme change?

UPDATE: If you see the sidebar on the left, not the right, then clear your browser cache and refresh the page. If you still see it on the left, let me know what browser you’re using, and if you’re on a Mac/PC/Linux. Thanks. Read on.

So you may have noticed a change in since, oh, about 11:52pm Eastern on Wednesday, June 6th, 2007. I’ve cut out my left sidebar and widened the content column and right sidebar.

Why? Cause I felt the 3 column was cluttered. And I HATE, HATE clutter.

I’ve already received a number of comments on why 3 column is better, and also why people like the 2 column theme. Now I want your advice in the latest Clever Dude Opinion Poll. Also, please comment on this post with your full reaction. I want to know arguments from all sides!


If you’re reading this via a feed reader or email, please click through to the actual site to cast your vote correctly.

To help you out a bit, here is a screenshot of the old theme with 3 columns:

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  • I think plonkee meant too far to the left. In Firefox, your theme’s content column takes up the leftmost 60%, the right column takes up the middle 20%, and there’s just a blank white space for the rightmost 20%.

    I see it in IE, too.

  • It looks fine in Firefox on a Mac. The content and sidebar, combined, are nicely centered with equal amounts of white space on either side. Honestly, I think it looks pretty nice, despite that fact that I’ve always been partial to 3-column themes.

  • I like the 2 column layout, but why do you have the sidebar on the right hand side on the main page, but on the left hand side on the individual posts?

    That kind of seems awkward to me.

  • If you still see the sidebar on the left, please clear your browser cache and check again. If it still shows on the left, let me know. I am actually responding to some of you directly, so look for a reply email from me. Thanks!

  • i liked your 3 column, usually i prefer 3 those, i agree with POLNKEE about the content being too far to the right hand side, but it still looks clean and nicer then most sites out there

  • I personally don’t care as I usually just use my RSS feed and don’t come to the site unless I want to read the comments or vote.

    I’m using Firefox on a PC and don’t have the same problem as Nick.

  • I prefer 3 column because I have enough real estate on my screen. 3 column allows more content to be put on the screen without scrolling (good for blogger and readers).

    I have 3 columns on my blog and probably will keep it that way.

    The down side of course is that 3 columns might span too much space if you have a low resolution screen (800×600 or maybe even 640×480).

  • MoneyNing. Thanks for the comment. My theme, however, is fixed width, and is set at about 900 pixels. So, it will still overflow the window on lower resolution screens in the 2 column setup.

  • I think it would be good to make your left column width expandable (auto adjust) to take care of the 800×600 people.

    I’m not really good with the syntax of CSS/PHP but if you want to keep it at 900 pixels, an idea would be to expand the left column to have both columns be 900 pixels max.

  • Now I was about to mention the screen res thing. Up until a few months ago, I was on a normal 17″ CRT. Now I’ve stepped up to a 19″ wide, as has a lot of the world. And herein lies the problem. People with large monitors want to make total use of them, so having a fixed width layout with 2 columns leaves them feeling a lil’ bit empty.

    Me on the other hand, I never maximize my browser window, now. If you have so much screen real estate why are you wasting all of it on a browser, reading junk?

    I also have my TV app running in a small window in the upper right corner and everything else I do is in a non-mazimized window. I guess that might change when I get another monitor.

    That’s another reason for fluid-width layouts. But honestly, it’s what you like dude.

    But, I’d also agree with Rocky, If you hadn’t told me I wouldn’t have known, lol, cuz Google Reader is all I use.

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