New Appreciation for the D.C. Metro

Ever hear of “People Pushers“? It’s an actual job. I want that job. But this video gives me a new appreciation for commuting here in the United States!

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  • At least the doors don’t try to eat you if you’re squeezing in because stupid people won’t move to the center. But yeah, I like my odds of sitting (generally 2/3 of the time, because I get on and off beyond the busiest part of my line).

  • I saw this on the best of youtube podcast.. That’s just crazy… not only would I want to turn around and smack the guy pushing me but can you imagine once you were in… the horror of being stuck in the middle of that makes me lose my breath just thinking about it..

  • I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to be stuck in the center. O_o It must be terrible for claustrophobics…

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