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New addition to Clever Dude family pending

I just wanted to give you all the heads-up that I may not write much in the next few days (it’s the weekend anyway) because my sister-in-law is due to have her first baby tomorrow, June 30th.

We joke that since she’s always late for everything that the baby will definitely be late. So far, no contractions or dilation as far as my wife has heard. We were hoping that the baby would decide to come over this weekend as we are planning on going home to PA to celebrate my father-in-laws birthday.

Anyone have an opinion on whether we need to go up immediately if she has the baby, or just wait for the next weekend? It stinks July 4th is mid-week, as an extended weekend would have been great.

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  • I think in general, first babies are usually late – not always but usually. I also believe most labor’s for first childs last longer than, 2nd, 3rd children.

    With that said, you may have more time than you think. This is a huge day, and I would want to go up when the baby arrived. But if it was quite a distance, I may opt to go when mommy and baby get home. For, I would want my visiting time and holding time with baby.

    On the upside, there are no wrong times. Your SIL is going to be experiencing the best “high” known to man or woman. If you can enjoy any of it – go for it.

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