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Net Worth Review: August 2007

August was a successful month with our net worth, but the stock market didn’t help. Our overall net worth increased by 5.99% last month, thanks to an impressive debt payoff.

We paid off about $3,800 in debt principal and gained about $1,100 in assets (stocks).

By the way, I stopped tracking both our home value and mortgages in our net worth. I can only guess what it could sell for, so there’s no use in trying to track a profit now. Our net worth graph took a giant drop, but we’re still on the positive side for net worth.

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  • I am kind of new to your blog so excuse me if you wrote about that earlier ,but do you have a lot of money invested in the market?

    I guess not with the net worth growth you are showing. I suppose it is the best moment to pay off your debt as investments might not offer the same yield (some debts are easily over 10% of interest rate).


  • Congratulation on the big jump. I am posting how I estimate my home value today, you may want to check it out. I think the method gives decent estimate and let you keep an eye on the housing market condition too.

  • FB: I wouldn’t say that we have a lot invested in the market. We actually took a bit of a beating last month, but we still came out ahead.

    None of our debt is over 6.25% right now (except our second mortgage), so we’re in that group of people who have to do some analysis whether to invest or decrease debt. I hate debt, so I chose that route, but now that we’ll be out of CC debt at the end of this month (oh, sweet glory!), I’d like to increase our 401k contributions.

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