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Need Some Extra Cash This Summer? Read This First!

With summer now in full swing, you’ll be looking to make the most of every single day. However, many of the amazing experiences we’d all love to enjoy cost money, and over the course of the summer, bills can stack up. Get ahead of the game by pulling some extra cash together! In this article, we’ll show you five easy ways to boost the coffers. Let’s dive in!

Part-time work

The most common way to make some extra money is to take on a part-time job. During the summer, bars, cafés, restaurants, venues, and outdoor events will all be hiring casual staff. The work is fun and varied, and if you love meeting new people, it’s ideal! Plus, as well as making money, you’ll have the opportunity to make a bunch of friends!

Check out local job boards or take to vacancy websites to discover what’s on offer. Or, go down the traditional route and visit places with your CV in hand. Managers will love your ingenuity!


Are you a college student or graduate? You can make good money as a tutor! Enrich young minds and pass on your knowledge whilst earning some extra cash. It’s easy to set up; take out an advert in the local press, on a job board, or online.

It’s especially useful if you’re planning to become a teacher or take on any other kind of educational role. Tutoring helps you to brush up on your skills, and it’s great for your CV!

Selling your old stuff

Another great way to earn some spending money, and make space in your house, is to sell some of the things you don’t use anymore. Clothes, shoes, books, electronics, musical instruments, and sports equipment are hugely popular in the second-hand market.

Platforms such as eBay, Craigslist, and Depop make this process straightforward. And don’t forget the tried-and-tested yard sale!

Taking out a loan

When you need money fast, a loan can be the most efficient and effective way to secure cash. Not all loans are created equal, and it’s important to only take out an amount that you will be able to pay back. Before making any commitment, make sure you thoroughly check the repayment terms, and complete a budget to confirm the payments are manageable.

Loan Call provides a specialist service that connects people with lenders. If you are looking to take out a loan, check out their website today!

Dog walking

What better way to earn money than by taking dogs out for a walk? As well as making extra cash, you’ll have the opportunity to stretch your legs, get a fantastic cardio workout, whilst spending time with the most adorable clientele!

You also have the satisfaction of helping people within your community; elderly dog owners, for example, may not be able to take their pets out for long walks, and will be super grateful for your help!

However you earn your spending money, we hope you have a fantastic summer!

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