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NASDAQ Contest Finale: Did anyone win $100 cash?

Did you enter the contest to win $100 cash by guessing the Nasdaq closing price last week? No? WELL WHY NOT!?!?

Well, out of the 38 entries to the contest across 3 sites, the closest guess was within 0.30 POINTS! Our own Patrick Szalapski came in 4th with his guess which was only 6.34 off. Great job Patrick!

Also, came in with the best community average. From Blain’s site:

Also congratulations to the community of Clever Dude who amongst all guesses had a mean difference of only 24.56 off Friday’s close. This beats MDJ’s mean of 41.18 and our community mean here on ST101 of 45.92.

Next contest ups the ante and offers a $150 cash prize!

Think you can hit the NASDAQ closing price exactly? Well, check back here at Clever Dude to find out when you can enter the next contest. The contests are biweekly, but who knows if Blain will decide to switch things up without warning!

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