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My Frugality Manifesto

By Coupon Artist

Coupon Artist is mid-twenties professional, with the debt that goes along with that title.  She blogs at Art of the Coupon and is sharing her quest to pay off over $250,000 of consumer debt within the next five to six years.  Art of the Coupon focuses on practical frugality, and living well for less.

Why should I live frugally?  Why should I try to pay off my student loans early, instead of paying $661 a month for the next 30 years like Direct Loans wants me to?  Why shouldn’t I buy new clothes and a fifty inch LCD tv and a vacation to Europe?

Because I want to be free.

As long as I have monthly obligations that I can’t meet without having a job, I am not free.  I am a slave to Direct Loans, or to Mastercard, or to whomever else I owe money.  True, I can choose my job (to some extent) and I can keep some (or even most) of my earnings.  But I am still not free.  Direct Loans, and the bank require me to pay them a certain amount of money each month, and paying that amount of money means that I must have a job.

Being in a position where I must have a job limits my freedom.  I can’t go without income for a few months while I spend every second trying to get my blog, or my own business, off the ground so that they are producing income.  I can’t go without income for a few years to stay home with my kids.  I can’t quit a job I hate until I have found a new job.  So, I am not free.

I want to be financially free so that I can spend my whole life pursuing goals and dreams I want to pursue.  I want to have no debt, including no mortgage debt.  I want to have enough money generating interest in a savings account to pay all of my required monthly expenses (property taxes and food) so that I never HAVE to go to a job to pay anyone.  Some people call this state retirement- I call it freedom.

I am a long long way from that goal.  But I’ll never forget that this is the end goal.  So, frugality is not a sacrifice to me.  It is a fight for my freedom.  And I ask you, what wouldn’t you give up, in your fight to be free?

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