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Muscle Milk Just Lost My Business


Companies that use deception to increase their profit lose my business, which is why I’ve purchased my last container of Muscle Milk protein shake powder. They changed their product in such a way that I would spend more, and may not have ever noticed had I not examined the product label on my most recent tub of protein shake powder.

I’ve been a satisfied customer of Muscle Milk protein shake powder for a couple of years. I have a protein shake after each strength training workout. A new tub of the powder was on the grocery shopping list, so I found myself in the supplements aisle looking at a redesigned package. I didn’t think much of it, as companies change their product labeling all the time.

When I home, I did want to make sure that I was still getting the same amount of product, as I specifically noted the price had not changed. I was relieved to see that both tubs were labeled as having 30.9 ounces of product. It was then, however, that I noticed that the rest of the numbers were different. The amount of calories and protein per serving listed on the front of the label had changed. When I opened the product, I noticed that the scoop was also different. Turning to the nutritional label, I made the discovery that even though the amount of powder had remained the same, there were less servings in the container.

Old Container:

  • Serving size: 1 Scoop (35 grams) to be mixed with 8oz of water
  • Amount of protein per serving : 16g
  • Number of servings per container: 25

New Container:

  • Serving size: 2 Scoops (55 grams) to be mixed with 8oz of water
  • Amount of protein per serving: 25g
  • Number of servings per container: 16

Here are a couple of facts about the new product packaging:

  1. The amount of protein per serving and the number of servings swapped.
  2. There are less servings, but the serving size is larger.
  3. Each tub still has the exact same amount of protein in it total
  4. If a person blindly followed the directions, they would get more protein per serving (which many people would see as a benefit), but have 9 (36%) less servings!

With the new serving size, I would consume their product faster, and thus purchase a new tub of powder more frequently resulting in more revenue for Muscle Milk. While all the information was there for consumers to analyze, this was done with no obvious alert on the packaging that something had changed. This is deceptive and doesn’t sit well with me at all, and thus this will be the last tub of Muscle Milk protein powder I will buy. This is a great reminder that consumers need to be constantly monitoring the products purchased and evaluating them for value. You might just find yourself with a third less product than you thought.

Have you ever witnesses a company changing their product but not alerting the customer?

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Brock Kernin


  • For years it was rumored that Tide and other liquid detergents kept their bottles the same but increased the size of their lids which is what people used to measure. So a bottle that used to have 50 uses now had 46.

    Not sure if it’s true or not but if it is it’s certainly deceptive.

    • The whole “capful per load” is a scam anyway. You don’t need that much soap in today’s washing machines. I use half a cap at most!

    • Exactly, Ramona……I’m still researching what product I’m moving to, but I’m also contacting Muscle Milk to let them know I’m unhappy.

    • Absolutely, Money Beagle. Many times, though, the change comes with a “NEW Packaging, Same Great Product!” sort of label. Seeing something like that is a tip-off to check the serving sizes and total amount of product.

  • If you really like the product, why not just play their game? Use the scoop from the old package, and you’ll buy it at the same rate as you’ve been buying it, so they haven’t gotten over on you. And tell everyone you know who uses it to do the same. I hate when companies do shady things like this. Usually it’s smaller packages for the same money. Those companies usually lose my business. With Tide, I use less than half of what the package states is the correct amount.

    • I thought about that, Cathie, but I don’t think it’s the exact same formula. The directions how have consumers putting 55g of powder into 8 oz of water, whereas before it was 35 grams. If I use the old scoop, I don’t think it would have the same level of concentration, taste, or consistency.

  • That’s terribly sneaky and horrible of the company to do this to their customers! I can only imagine what other things they’re doing to their ‘recipe’ behind customers’ backs just to make their finances look more profitable!

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