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Moss on Stone: Ways to Gather Money and Enjoy It, Too

rainforest-49878_640Some people seem to make their money go further than others who earn the same amount of annual income. Being smart about spending can help you feel less stressed about your finances, especially if you can make the most of what you have got. Instead of spending your hard earned cash blindly, find out how to stretch your money as far as it’ll go.

Tame Your Travel Expenses

When it comes to stretching your spending on travel, simple tactics, such as using your airline miles to get free or discounted flights or knowing how to download a flight claim template letter for compensation due to delays or cancellations, can all make a positive difference for your bank balance. Be sure to plan out your travels to give you time to look for bargains and specials.

Boost Your Balance

Most of us have some sort of regular financial commitments like car finance, credit card payments and insurance premiums, plus utility bills to pay like telephone, gas and electric.

It is estimated that you could slash your regular outgoings by as much as 25 percent simply by switching to better deals.

A financial makeover where you take a look at every deal that you currently have, and then use a comparison site or your own research to see if there is a better one available if you switch, will almost certainly lead you to find that you could be paying less on a number of your monthly payments.

Look at switching energy suppliers and swapping your balance to a cheaper credit card, as well as reviewing every contract you currently have, to see if you can give yourself a free pay rise, simply by switching to a cheaper deal.

Get Some of Your Spending Back

Cashback sites and incentives are a great way of getting a percentage of your spending back, for little effort. There are cashback credit cards, bank accounts and even specific sites like topcashback that give you a percentage of your total spend back in cash straight to your bank account or in the form of a gift voucher.

Getting up to 7.5 percent on average of the amount you spend is a real no-brainer and a great way of making your money go further.

Keep an Eagle Eye on Your Savings

If you have got some money tucked away for a rainy day, you probably don’t need to be reminded that interest rates on savings account can be slim to virtually non-existent. Sticking your money away and forgetting about it is going to cost you money, so you have to regularly shop around in order to find the best rate deals.

Transferring your balance to a new savings account that is offering the best rates available, can make a substantial difference over time, especially if you happen to have your money in one of the worst savings accounts with a pitiful interest rate.

The difference between the best and the worst paying savings accounts could be as much as £100 for every £5,000 you have saved, so don’t neglect your savings and remember that loyalty rarely pays these days, so shop around and move your money around to chase the best deals on a regular basis.

Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

It is easy to accumulate clutter in next to no time, especially things like old DVD’s and CD’s that you might no longer watch or listen to.

Take a look around and gather up your clutter, including any old books or clothes that you no longer want, as well as those old DVD’s, and look to raise some cash by selling them. Sites like musicmagpie allow you to scan your items, including books and electronics as well as your unwanted CD’s and DVD’s, so that they can give you an immediate offer to buy them from you.

If you accept the offer, box up your clutter, send it in the post, and wait for the cash to arrive in your bank account. You could also use Ebay or Facebook buy and sell pages to sell your stuff, or load your car up and head off to a car boot.

Whatever you decide to do, clearing the clutter will give you the cash to go and get some more if you want, like a new DVD, although at least you won’t be spending any more money to do so.

Being Financially Savvy Pays Off

If you can get a pay rise when you need to boost your income then good luck to you, but a more feasible strategy would be to try and find the best deal every time you need to spend some money, which will give your bank balance a boost on a regular basis.

Review your energy deals, mobile phone contracts and anything else where you could potentially be saving money by getting better savings. When traveling, look for discounts and use your miles, too. In case of delay, be proactive about getting reimbursement. With just a bit of effort and know-how, you can make your money go a lot further.

Steven Allen is a UK based business traveller with more than a decade of experience contributing articles to numerous travel sites. He has a keen interest in consumer rights and is always looking for ways to improve customer service for airline passengers.

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