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More on my “job loss”

I literally wrote the last post as I was heading out the door, so I apologize for not giving more details. Here they are.

I’m a federal contractor in the IT field. My current client is/was a “major tax collection entity” and I’ve been on a contract with them since July, 2006. We were very close to implementing their system when today they announced that they ran out of money and were canceling the contract as of today. Yeah, funny, the ones collecting all the money ran out of it. We weren’t the only contract that got cut though.

The client was very friendly, but the work was very stressful. Both sides (us and them) were understaffed and we all felt it. Also, we were dealing with incompetent server support that delayed our project by months. We were actually in testing phase and client acceptance testing was next month. But enough about the contract details, let’s hear about my future.

When I started with my company, I was on the bench (not directly billable to a project) for 2.5 months, and that was before I proved my value. Now that I basically ran the analysis and design for this multi-million dollar contract, they know I’m worth their money. The problem is finding me another contract so I can be billable soon.

My boss immediately started calling around and thinks he found me a spot on another contract in D.C., but I’ll be in a much larger supporting cast there so it should be less stressful. It’s probably a 10 minute longer metro ride, plus transfer time. Until then, though, he asked me to use some vacation next week until he gets an overhead code for me to use. It sucks, but I have over 3 weeks saved up anyway (I just don’t take vacations). Also, I might be helping on some proposal work on the side to keep me busy.

So for next week, it looks like I’ll be on vacation. I think I’ll finish Christmas shopping (still need to get the tree), shop around for home renovation things like flooring, a new front door, etc. and try to get all 120 coins for Super Mario Galaxy (up to 101 now). Oh, and I think I’ll schedule my deep tissue massage using the Red Door Spa gift cards from my AmEx rewards bonus.

I think I’m finally getting the time off I should have taken months ago. Too bad this couldn’t have happened next Friday instead.

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