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  • Oh check you out! someones been busy!!!! nice updates bro~! Thanks for the love and shout — I feel like a Katrina survivor, trying to get my blog back together and what not. *wipes away sweat*


  • Hey Clever Dude, Millionster posted a horror story about his former fomain company and ended it with mentioning another popular domain co. to steer clear from.

    So what company do you host with and would you recommend them? Thanks.

  • I host through Dreamhost. They’ve had some uptime problems, but not so much on my server. I got in at $7 for the first year, but that’s up next month and I switch to the $120 per year plan.

    I’m happy with Dreamhost given all the space and one-click installations they offer (for a semi-techie like myself).

  • Yes I also recommended Dreamhost on Millionster. I have a coupon code to get $40 off of hosting on DH (SUPER40) — also as a runner up I would recommend MediaTemple.


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