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Millionaire dies on his Vespa Scooter

I don’t want to make light of any family’s tragedy, but I want to note the odd circumstances that led to the death of the Italian design firm Pininfarina.

Andrea Pininfarina, CEO of the firm that has contributed such beauties as the Ferrari P4/5, the Alfa Romeo Brera, and the Maserati GranTurismo, died this morning while traveling to work on his Vespa Scooter.

Again, my prayers go out to his family, friends and employees (as the company is going through a restructuring and it will be difficult without him to lead it), but I have to ask why someone with probable access to any one of dozens or hundreds of amazing cars would ride a Vespa to work.

I’ll just assume he was consciously trying to save the environment, and some cash on gas, by taking a fuel efficient ride to his day job. Or maybe it was a V-12, diamond-encrusted scooter.

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  • I believe that it’s compulsory for all Italians to ride around on Vespas 😉 . Actually I think they’re pretty useful for getting round the narrow streets of many European cities, certainly more useful than a limo in any case.

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