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Mental roadblocks to personal growth

Millionster posted an interesting personal growth article titled “Pick up the Can“, and I’d like to relate my own mental roadblocks that I’ve finally lifted.

For the last 6 years since graduating college, I’ve had the opportunity to pursue a Masters degree on my employers dime. My first employer would have covered the entire cost of the degree with no requirement to stay with them after graduation. At my second employer, I at least MET with the MBA department of the local college, but I left that company when they got acquired by another just 5 months later. At my third company (just prior to my current employer), I just wasn’t motivated, but I had the perfect opportunity.

However, this past Sunday I crossed a milestone. After months of communicating with an adviser with the local university, and sitting on the application (even though it was filled out) for the last month, I finally submitted it online. It was a momentous occasion.

But today I got an email response from the college that since I submitted the application past the Feb 1st deadline, that my application would be set for Spring 2008 start rather than Fall 2007. However, it seemed like a canned response, so I emailed the adviser, who replied back to me tonight. She has forwarded my request to start this fall to the Director of Student Services to try to push me through.

Let’s hope it goes through. I want to get the degree for as little money out of pocket as possible, so timing is crucial. If I can take 2 classes this fall, then my employer benefits would cover them fully, and then reset for the next year. Since I only get about $5,200 per year for tuition reimbursement, I need to try to use those dollars wisely.

I’ll let all of you know if and when I get accepted. Wish me luck!

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  • Congrats! I too have decided to go back for my MBA. I graduated with my bachelors in December 05, so its only been about a year and a half for me. Unfortunately, my employer does not offer tuition reimbursement (company is way to small) and I will be paying for everything myself. I found a 18 month online program for working professionals through one university at a “reasonable” cost. I applied about 3 weeks ago. If all goes well (it will), I’ll start July 2. Going back to school…..ugh. :-/ Oh well, it will all pay off in the long run.

    Good luck with everything!

  • Congratulations and good luck. I got two degrees courtesy my employer. It’s like a 20% (of whatever) raise when you use tuition reimbursement. Good for you.

  • I got a Masters degree 2 years ago through my employer. We have a great program in that I don’t have to pay out of pocket. Once I’m approved in the program, I just submit the bills and the company pays it.

    I want to go back for my MBA, but a lot of the universities here offer “Executive” programs that cost 60-80k. In addition, these programs are very intensive and you get your degree in 18 months. It will be very difficult to convince my employer to pay that.

  • You know I had a similar problem applying for an MBA program — I went all out, took the GMATs, started looking at schools requested brochures — but man the application process for an MBA is so daunting; I really wish I could just skip that part hehe. I probably should just do it eh! Like I said I’ve got a number of cans I have a hard time picking up.

    I hope you get accepted to your program!

    BTW What was your undergrad major?

  • Congrats, Mike!

    My company offers around $5,200 per year as well. I have decided to go for the full package though and get into a top tier MBA school like Duke. Let us know how it goes!

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