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Meds4sure Online Pharmacy: Pros and Cons of Purchasing Medicines Online

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Online pharmacies like Meds4sure are growing fast, and for good reasons. While conventional next-door dispensing drugstores are still popular especially in rural areas, e-pharmacies are growing rapidly basically because of the convenience they offer people in need of various drugs from all over the world. While it is important to note many advantages of purchasing medicines from the safety of your home via the Internet, it is also crucial that we acknowledge that there are a few disadvantages.

While there is no concrete data on the number of online pharmacies in different countries, there is no doubt that Meds4sure has been in this business for a long time, and earned undisputable reputation. You can access almost any form of medicines with just a click of a button. Here are the main pros and cons of the Meds4sure e-pharmacy.


1. No prescription: Whether this is an advantage or disadvantage depends entirely on personal viewpoints. Well, there are many drugs that are considered essential and must only be administered to specific groups of people for the treatment of definite conditions. They are considered highly sensitive and any form of abuse might result in severe side effects and even endanger the lives of the patients. While this is the case, getting a prescription, to some people for known conditions can be efforts in futility. A doctor’s prescription is paramount because specialists know best. However, upon getting the initial prescription, you might really not require specific prescriptions for refills in future. Regular check-ups are crucial, but when it comes to purchasing medicines, most online pharmacies will not deny a deserving patient treatment simply because they don’t have the necessary prescription.

This is an area that has aroused a lot of debate in the healthcare sector. However, experience has proven that stringent laws only lead to the proliferation of alternatives, some that may be harmful. One of the main reasons why most states in the USA have relaxed their marijuana laws is because of increased cases of smuggling of the substance. While it remained illegal, people still needed cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. To lower the risks of abuse, governments have opted to legalize and regulate. This is the surest way to reduce abuse. It is therefore the responsibility of everyone to first seek a prescription before ordering online, and the duty of the sellers to find out if that has been done before selling.

2. Save your money: It has been established that medicines manufactured and sold within countries, such as Canada, the UK and the USA are more expensive, than similar alternatives from other countries like Mexico and India. A large number of these drugs are essential and since they are way expensive, it is only economically viable to try out the Meds4sure online pharmacy and other online stores. It is actually estimated that you can save between 50-80% in any medicine by ordering from overseas, but of course depending on your state or country.

Going through Meds4sure, you will come across a wide range of offers and promotions on various drugs. Buyers are free to visit as many sites as possible, compare prices and settle on the best price. Note that the treatment of lifelong medical conditions can strain patients and their families’ finances to unimaginable levels. While medical care is free in some countries and entirely a government’s responsibility, there are some specialized conditions that still require specialized treatment but not provided by the authorities. You don’t have to risk lives because of costly treatment with online pharmacies.

3. Privacy: Upon getting a prescription from the doctor or online pharmacist, you can easily order your specialized drugs online from home without exposing your health condition to other people. It is possible to ask the pharmacy to deliver the drugs in a special package or as a gift to wade off suspicion from members of the household and neighbors.

4. Variety of drugs: To help keep the prices low for essential medicines, a wide range of generic drugs with the same active ingredients as the originals are currently available. One of the reasons why drugs in some developed economies are expensive is because of the high cost of production. There is actually nothing special about their formulation. Some leading pharmaceuticals have set up manufacturing plants in countries with cheaper labor to lower their operation costs. Meds4sure stocks a wide range of similar drugs that are more than 100% cheaper than the off-the-shelf alternatives. You can therefore never run out of essential medicines because there is always an alternative somewhere in the world, guaranteeing the patient’s treatment all the time.

5. Convenience: It is exceedingly convenient to shop and buy medicines from Meds4sure compared to visiting a nearby pharmacy. You simply have to type the target drug on the search engines, sift through the results, compare prices, add to cart, and provide shipping address, then pay. Thereafter, you simply sit back and wait for your medicine. It is fast, convenient, and affordable.


1. Rogue sites: There is a higher risk of ending up purchasing from rogue websites that take the money but fail to deliver. To stay safe, only buy from reputable websites like Furthermore, there are a few warning signs you must always watch out for, especially the exceedingly cheap prices, poorly designed websites, lack of contacts, content quality, among others. 

2. Counterfeits: The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated all over the world. However, there are some unscrupulous business people who counterfeit reputable drugs basically because of their cost and effectiveness. In the end, they package and sell these medicines as the originals. The risk of taking such medicaments is that they don’t contain requisite ingredients and can be harmful when consumed. This is a risk that can also be avoided through careful selection of online pharmacy.

3. Delays: Buying drugs from Meds4sure may not work for cases that require immediate medical attention. While there are sites that guarantee 24-hour delivery, there are some that may require a couple of days depending on the shipping method needed. You can fix that by buying smaller quantities from off-the counter pharmacies as you wait for the online order. You should also ensure that refills are ordered in time to avoid running out of stock.

4. Possible abuse: There is also a high risk of a drug misuse and abuse. It is possible that some medication may be sold to undeserving patients. It is also possible that the prescription can be misleading. It is therefore important that online pharmacies interrogate their buyers before selling. You can use instant chat, emails or phone calls before selling these medicines. Patients also have to be responsible to avoid such instances.


It is evident that Meds4sure and other online pharmacies have revolutionized how drugs are dispensed. This has made it possible for everyone in need gets the necessary medicine to manage various medical conditions. It is however important that buyers take the initiative to assess the sellers to avoid being duped, buying fake or counterfeit drugs, and identity theft.

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