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Maryland Refund: In the Bank!

Just a quick note that I got an email from Bank of America this morning alerting me that I received some direct deposits. Since today is payday for both myself and Stacie, I figured I would just have those two deposits.

But lo and behold, I had 2 other unexpected deposits:

1. About $1,400 from the state of Maryland (here’s why the refund took so long)

2. About $170 reimbursement from my company for this semester’s book (yes, just one book). I could have gotten it used for $30, but I let the company pay for this one since I had to pay for the class (and the next 2 classes) myself. That’s fair, right?

Oh yeah, I should mention that my summer class started. I get to spend 4 hours on a weeknight for the next 10 weeks, on my own dime ($2600 to be exact), so I better get something good out of this class! In fact, after this class, I’ll be halfway done with the whole program! I expect to graduate in Summer 2009, but that means pushing myself to finish 2 classes per fall and spring semesters and the final project next summer.

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