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Manscaping: Do we really wanna talk about this?

Back in April, I broached the topic of “Manscaping” innocently enough with cutting your own hair and shaving. But Philips Norelco sent me another product to try out (Disclaimer: they sent it to me for free to keep and try) that is truly for “Manscaping”. I gotta say up front that while I tried it out in a few ways, I won’t subject you all to the gritty details as best as I can 🙂 Take note that my parents read this blog!

First, what is “Manscaping”, and when can I stop putting it in quotes? Well, Manscaping is defined as:

verb , man·scaped, man·scap·ing.

– (of a man) to remove (unwanted body hair other than scalp hair) by waxing, shaving, etc.:
For example: “It may be time to manscape your hairy back again.”
I’ve said it before: I’m a hairy guy. When Norelco approached me the first time about a haircut/shave set, I was all for it because I cut my own hair and was looking for a better and quicker shave. But they approached me again about their new product “Bodygroom“, (specifically the Bodygroom Pro Grooming System) with the following features (copied from Amazon):
  • An all-in-one grooming solution, that features a dual-end design (no, not THAT kind of “dual-end”. It has components on either side of the device)
  • High-performance trimmer with cutting capabilities that provide refined grooming
  • Rounded blades and combs to prevent scratching the skin
  • 3-D pivoting head for close shaves with less skin irritation
  • Suitable for use everywhere on your body, from your chest and abs to your back and shoulders
  • 3D pivoting head allows the shaving head to closely follow your body’s contours for the ultimate in skin comfort on your body (And the implied intent is also on other private areas)
  • Designed exclusively for men who want the ultimate body comfort below the neck: shaves and trims chest and abs, underarms, legs, groin area and back and shoulders
  • Get 50 minutes of cordless use with an 8-hour charge in the sleek store and charge stand
  • High performance trimmer has rounded blades and combs to prevent scratching the skin. Select from from 5 length settings (up to 11/25 inch) to get the look you want
  • Water-resistant casing and materials. Use wet (in the shower) or dry

Basically, does it work?

Ok, I won’t get into all the marketing hype. I’ll boil it down to the following from my tests:

  • How is it different than just using a corded clipper (like the barber shop uses) for shaving “below the neck”? Well, first, I don’t like using the same clippers on my head as I use on the rest of my body. I do get what I call “my summer shave”, which entails shaving (with clippers) my back and shoulders, shortening my chest hair and maybe even arms and legs. It’s a very laborious process and not one I normally let everyone know about. However, my close friends and family know I need to do this or else look like a Wookie at the pool. Since the Bodygroom Pro is not plugged in, you can do your “work” in the shower without risk of electrocution.
  • Is it robust enough? Corded clippers have wider cutting zones and more power than the Bodygroom, but my wife used the Bodygroom on my back and said it worked perfectly fine. It was actually easier for her since it was lighter and mobile (no cord in the way).
  • What about “tender areas”? Ok, here’s where I’ll just say read the Amazon reviews. I’m not going there, but it is a part of manscaping that some are concerned about.
  • Do I really need 3 cutters? So it has the adjustable trimmer on one end, and that’s great for the back (no guard), chest, arms, legs, etc. On the other end is a “buzzer” as I’ll call it surrounding a shaver (like one you would use on your face). The buzzers clip off hair easily and are narrow enough to not trap skin when trimming, then you simply roll it slightly to finish up with a close shave.

It really is an all-around Manscaping unit, and combined with the haircut kit and shaver, you’re covered for all your hair removal needs, unless you want to go the extra mile and get waxed (I haven’t gone that far yet. They don’t make enough wax) or lasered or whatever it’s called (does that even work?).

The key thing is to have someone who cares enough about you to help you where you can’t reach and isn’t disgusted by a caveman’s body. Thanks honey 🙂

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  • I recently bought a set at walmart that has a horsehair brush, cup, and soap that works really well for me, and is what you see in old-time european movies. I like it because I do not get shaving cream on my hands that I then have to wash off. I still can’t really find a disposable razor I like, however. All the cheap ones nick my skin, and the non-cheap ones are too expensive.

  • A lot of women allege they like body hair. In my life, I have yet to meet one. But I’m still looking and waiting.

    Manscaping is definitely scary the first couple of times you do it. You’re introducing razors to pretty important parts of your body…one slip could be disastrous.

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