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How To Make Money Online With E-book Directories

Many people use the Internet to find one big opportunity that will make a life-changing income. The good news is there is not just one big opportunity on the Internet. You can actually find several good opportunities online that will make you a fortune. Keep searching for earning opportunities and using them and you will begin to see income flows into your account. This article will show you a simple method that you can apply to create a make a full-time income through the Internet.

First of all, find 10 different subjects. You can find subjects through several resources. You can find topics or subjects in the news, forums, the search engines and educational blog. Once you have selected your topics, it is time to create a short report or e-book between 15-30 pages in length for each topic. For each e-book, include your affiliate links.

Once you finished writing all the e-books, your next step is to create an e-cover for each book. Make your e-covers look nice with a few sentence of description so that they can drive people attention and shows people what they are getting. The e-cover will let people see what they are downloading, so it will increase your e-books download rate.

Now that your e-books are all set to launch, it’s time to search for e-book directories on the web and submit your e-books to these directories.

When you keep on submitting your e-books to more and more directories, more and more people will start downloading them and reading them. People who read your e-books can see and click your affiliate links to buy a product that will earn your commission. The more people reading your e-books, the better your chance of making more affiliate commission.

So why create 10 of these e-books?

Because an e-book should be earning you about $10 a day and combine the earning of each e-book you’ll get $100 a day which is a full-time income. If you’re not earning close to that, try adding different affiliate links in your e-books. Take time to test your affiliate links until you are happy with the income you are making.

Your income will grow even more when you add more e-books.

You don’t have to use this technique for earning affiliate commission only. This technique can also be applied to generate traffic to your website that you have inserted Google Adsense ads on. Instead of placing your affiliate links within the content of the e-books, place your website that you have Google Adsense ads on.

With some time and hard effort, you could possibly be earning $100 a day with this e-book marketing technique. If you can put more effort in, you will reap even more rewards from your e-books marketing business.


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