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How to Make Your Life More Luxurious

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We buy things daily without thinking what luxury we could buy with all the money we spend. For instance, if you just curb your urge to buy 2 designer bags, you can travel on the Orient Express. To help us make our lives more luxurious, Oliver’s Travels has created an infographic.

According to the infographic, anyone can bring luxury into their life, they just need to be smart in their spending. Do you know if you stop smoking for a year, you could save up to $2,870 which can be used to fly first class from New York to London? If you love tourism, why not skip 7 of your city weekend breaks and use the saved money for a 7-day African Safari. If you love Yacht Cruising, you can save $2,160 by skipping 3 year’s phone contract. This money can be spent to buy a 3 hours yacht cruise on the Hudson for 11 people. If this year, you really desire to visit the Caribbean, you just have to ditch your Christmas celebrations.

From enjoying a night at Opera, eat at world’s most expensive restaurant to staying at world’s most expensive hotel, everything is possible! Read the following infographic carefully for more details:

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