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How To Make The Best Of Your Trade Show

A great trade show is all about amazing displays, diligent planning, and creative flair. With a plethora of different design options available to marketers, corporates, and retailers for showcasing their products, persona, and merchandise to a huge audience, putting up an awesome trade show is easy and fun, just like planning an inexpensive New Year eve party. Just take into consideration the following factors:

Comprehensive Planning

Without careful thought and planning, a trade show is a mere medium that connects you with people. On the other hand, a proper plan crafted after working out the floor design, aesthetics, exhibit solutions like portable trade show displays and audience list, you have an event all set to inspire. Since a trade show is a means to enhance your customer base and step up your brand value, it’s best to prepare for it early by collaborating with stakeholders to concoct a detailed plan with all areas covered, especially the exhibit booth design. This will provide you with a footboard to execute things without any frustrating last minute changes or hassles.

Open Spaces

When creating a design for the trade show display, make sure you keep open spaces in the floor plan. If you’re going to use a 10’ x 10’ inland display, it might make space a little restricted and claustrophobic, so create a design that transforms a small display area into a great brand platform. If your budget allows for a small exhibit solution like an inland or island display, then use a perimeter booth or appropriate hanging structures to highlight your key merchandise. Place the structure in a way to allow enough space for product presentation, visitor traffic, and booth staff grazing room.

Get Creative

A brilliant trade show represents even the smallest of display spaces as magnanimous yet intimate branding environments with well-placed marketing accessories and appropriate exhibit solutions. The accessories and graphics for a trade show display are of utmost importance in planning a trade show. If you are using a 20 x 20 inch island display, a customized portable trade show display or a 10? x 10? inland display, make sure the design includes vibrant and bright colors, brazen statements and images including space-saving units like Multimedia kiosks, branded counters, banner stands and monitor mounts to attract the slew of attendees at the event. The more snazzy and impactful your design is, the better visitor response you’re likely to get. The statements and accessories should clearly describe your product and brand while generating awareness amongst the visitors regarding your brand’s capabilities.

Appropriate Staffing

One of the key considerations when planning a trade show is the staffing. If you have a limited exhibit space, then this aspect should be finalized after proper deliberation. Always handpick the best sales team for the event that is motivated enough to represent the brand including a product expert who provides non-sales product feedback. Draft a clear and conspicuous sales script for describing your services and products that will be the focal point of the trade show. Lastly, avoid hiring an in-booth host, presenter or a trade show talent for the event.


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