Loyal3 Investment Update

Loyal3 Investment Update #1


At the beginning of March, I opened an account with Loyal3 and invested a small amount of money in one of my favorite bar and grill restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings. I only invested $60, but the point wasn’t to get rich quick. The goal was to simply to play around with the stock market and see if an average joe like myself could make some money in the stock market using an easy to use trading platform like Loyal3

After about six weeks, it’s time to see how my investment is doing.

Current value of my $60 investment: $58.43

Everything I read about Buffalo Wild Wings is positive. They’re popular, they’re expanding, and they’re making changes to make the customer experience as enjoyable as possible. While the stock market closed down less than a half a percent lower yesterday from it’s closing mark on March 1st. My stock has underperformed the market, but seriously, it’s $1.57. I’m pretty sure the stock is going to bounce back, so I’m leaving my $58.43 where it’s at. I’ll continue to report how my stock is doing each month so we can see if I’m right.

But here’s where I need your help, Clever Friends. I’m looking to invest another small sum of money, but I want YOU to tell me what to invest it in as I expand my Loyal3 portfolio. Loyal3 has over fifty different well known stocks available to choose from. I’ve narrowed down the choices, but I want you pick the next stock I should buy:

  1. More Buffalo Wild Wings
  2. Blizzard Entertainment (for the gamers)
  3. Intel (for the techies)
  4. Nike (for the athletes)

Leave a comment below with your choice, and I’ll buy that stock with my next round of investment money. You can vote with your heart, or you can do research on the company and it’s stock performance. Either way, tell me why you made your choice in the comment as well.

Don’t guide me wrong, my retirement may depend upon it!

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Brock Kernin


  • Brock,

    My vote would none of the above – all those are consumer discretionary, with the exception of Intel, but Intel is having a rough time increasing its share price.


  • Definitely Intel. Just a rule of thumb that has kept me successful with my investments, don’t invest in things you personally enjoy. Invest in global enjoyment and necessity. What everyone likes and needs is the best option.

  • I agree with James. When investing with small amounts I tend to avoid consumer discretionary and focus on large cap industrial that pay dividends. I have never heard of Loyal3 before. I assume it is a service for investing less money with less fees. You may want to look into direct stock purchase plans. Many have absolutely no fees.

  • @Scott – I like your thinking…Loyal3’s advantage is no fees along with the very small granularity of funds you can invest. I’m currently just playing around with it a little bit to see if an average guy like me can make a bit of money by investing. Thanks for your thoughts!

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