Light Posting Day: Final Exam and Homework to do

Since I know hundreds of people hang on my every word, I didn’t want to leave you wondering where my post is today. Right now I only have time to write this as I have the final exam in one course tonight, and I still have to finish homework for the other one (both classes are on Mondays). The other class’ final is next week.

I did get in touch with the winner of “Stay Healthy, Live Longer, Spend Wisely“, and I’ll be getting that book out shortly. Don’t fret, though, because I’m almost finished with the next book and plan on writing up a review this week…and posting another contest. I’ll forewarn you that I have conflicting feelings about the ideas this next book is presenting, so it may take a little more time to gather my thoughts on it.

Until then, feel free to read through my archives!

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  • Best of luck these next two weeks! As much as we love your blogging, we’d hate you hear you bombed your finals. 😉

    I know that won’t happen – you’re ridiculously bright.

  • Hope it went well my man! Maybe I’ll buy you a drink one day to celebrate JUST for taking it 🙂

    I used to do that back in college – congratulate myself just on the studying and taking of the exams. I mean, regardless of results, you still put in hard work!

  • Thanks everyone. Not sure where you’re getting this idea that I’m smart (the “Clever Dude” is just a sham!). I think I did alright on this test, but I still have another final coming up next Monday. But then I’m off for a month (just school, not work)!