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Let’s Talk Stocks: 5 Small Companies to Invest in Before the New Year

If you’re looking for some new investment opportunities before the new year, consider turning to small businesses. Here are 5 small companies to invest in.

It’s that time of year where smart investors begin studying the boards for can’t-miss opportunities to capitalize on. But before you throw your money behind those behemoth monster companies, take a look at the smaller companies out there.

With mutual funds on shaky ground, small companies are the best bet right now.

The right small companies to invest in can offer something larger companies cannot: They offer tremendous growth opportunity.

The time is right. Here are the best companies to invest in right now:

best stocks to invest in before the new year

  1. Better Networks Equal Big Returns

If you have ever worked at a large company you are well aware of how difficult it can be to work on a network. As telecommuting continues to grow and computer networks get more complex, the issues only grow.

OPNET Technologies works with companies to manage their networks. OPNT is a great buy.

  1. Strike Oil

Want to make the most of petroleum? Team, Inc. is a specialist in repair, maintenance, and construction of the high-pressure and high-temp piping required for refineries.

TISI is one of the strongest buys in energy right now.

  1. Small Companies to Invest in on the Dating Scene

There’s little doubt that online dating has changed society. Tinder and Match are a part of the collective culture.

If you play your cards right, the newest wave of online dating stocks may prove a sound investment.

While both Match Group and MOMO offer growth potential, there may be more opportunity with MOMO. Momo, Inc. is working to redesign its app for deployment in the United States. While the platform is popular in China, the expansion is one that investors can capitalize on now.

Despite the fact that the P/E is low on this stock there is a significant risk. But there is also a big opportunity.

  1. A Small Healthcare Opportunity

Did you know that Medicare paid over $40 billion in claims incorrectly between 2014 and 2015? In the current healthcare environment, there is an increasing need for capturing lost costs.

That’s where HMS Holding comes in. The company helps Medicare and other programs save money by reducing incorrect payments.

There is a great opportunity here as HMS expands its footprint and captures additional revenue.

  1. Laureate Education

There’s no doubt that education is a growth sector. The costs for education continue to escalate and there is lots of opportunity for investors.

The largest network of for-profit educational institutions is a great buy for investors before the end of the year.

Analysts agree that it is a good time to jump on board. Laureate is one of the best stocks to buy right now.

Get The Best Returns

Savvy investors know that building wealth is about more than knowing which companies to invest in. Even if you learn the best small companies to invest in, you are bound to fail without a cohesive strategy.

You need to know the basics, keep your emotions in check, and shed as much risk as possible. We can help.

Make the most of the best stocks to invest in right now. Some good planning can ensure you make the most of every dollar you invest.

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