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Learn to Market your New Business with Entrepreneur Sam Ovens

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is more than just coming up with an idea. It involves planning, hard work, and making several decisions constantly. You’re just ironing out the kinks in your company’s new business model and you think now’s as good a time as ever to kick off. Sure, you don’t have any experience and you’re not completely certain what you should be doing to effectively market your company, but all in due time right? There are a few ways to ensure you’ve got a solid marketing strategy down before you dive in to the deep end. Learn how to be a smart digital marketer and you won’t have to fake it till you make it.

Social Media Can Open Marketing Doors

Social media is a major key to successful marketing today. Digital marketing is replacing print advertising, and social media along with its many platforms is an exceptional way to reach thousands of potential customers almost instantly. Familiarize yourself with each distinct platform (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the big ones but there are many more) and develop the proper style and voice to exhibit to your different audiences from each one. Observe and study what your biggest competitors are doing to attract customers via social media and notice how they market according to audience. If you see that something a competitor does is working, take the time to implement similar strategies and social marketing initiatives for your own brand.

According to multimillionaire entrepreneur Sam Ovens, gathering as big of a social media following as you can is a huge factor in marketing your business and expanding your company’s scope. A large following of your company site as well as a personal social following will enhance your brand recognition. The more you are recognized as a brand, the more trust people and potential customers will put in you, thanks largely to your social media outreach and strategy.

Target Your Marketing and Branding

Target each individual platform to the audience best suited to it. Then as you gain followers, start to focus on shares – likes and views are great for spreading information and creating buzz around your name, but shares are better because they ensure that your page is being reached. Your site should be so streamlined and engaging that once the homepage is reached, visitors have everything they need right in front of them to easily decide to purchase a service or product. Converting traffic into sales is the name of the game and a strong digital marketing practice will help to ensure you keep closing sales.

Retargeting is another excellent marketing tool that drives traffic to websites and can work hand in hand with social media practices. Study how to conduct retargeting campaigns to lead customers to your site’s homepage or specific landing pages. When internet surfers are retargeted, they are led to a predetermined destination chosen based on their previous web actions and interests. Reaching customers via behavioral retargeting or remarketing is a smart way to ensure your products or ads for services are constantly being seen. You may also consider checking out the 11 Best Tools for Instagram Automation in 2018.

Get your Business to the Top

Every small business owner and new entrepreneur encounters obstacles throughout his or her work. Learning how to develop the best marketing strategy for your company and team will help smooth any bumps in the road and give you a solid head start in successfully growing your new business. By focusing on digital marketing and all the facets of that rich topic, you will quickly amass a great understanding beyond marketing that will spill over into sales, metrics, and acquisition.


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