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Lawyers Are Not “One Size Fits All”

While there are tons of commercials and ads for lawyers, there are plenty of people who don’t really need them in their lifetime. Or they may employ a legal team one time in their life. Lawyers are specialized in a certain area or in multiple areas. We already know that you might need a lawyer for criminal charges, but it far exceeds that limit. Today we look at different types of lawyers and how they can be beneficial to your needs.

When An Accident Goes Bad

Let’s say that you are in Garden City, NY and its wintertime. Perhaps you visit a friend at their apartment for a holiday meal or a movie night. It’s dark outside and you can’t see very well as you go up the outdoor stairwell to the front door of the apartment building. Next thing you know, you are falling down the stairs because of a huge ice patch and you get hurt. This is a big problem and it occurs often. Some people might choose to settle with the property company and get some medical expenses covered. We recommend you interview a few personal injury lawyers in Garden City. These types of lawyers know what the law states about responsibility of property and who should take care of what. You might still settle out of court but you can settle with piece of mind with a professional by your side. They can make sure that your medical costs are covered and extra money if you lost time at work due to your injury.

When Your Small Business Needs Help

A lawyer for a small business may sound extravagant but there are true needs for a lawyer to be involved. They can assist if:

  • You are going into business with a partner
  • A dismissed employee files litigation against you
  • If another business files litigation against you
  • You sell your business
  • You want to buy another business

Lawyers who specialize in small business really work in your best interest to protect your personal finances and help you meet all your business goals.

When Your Estate Is At Stake

Most people don’t think they have “enough” to really need a lawyer to make arrangements for their property and money after passing on. If you have a bank account and some furniture, you have enough for a lawyer to help you with estate planning. Death is a hard time for grieving families and sometimes people don’t respond well when trying to figure out what to do with Grandma’s family china set. There is also the unfortunate situation in which the state can decide what happens to your things if you choose to not file a Will or have any documentation of how your things should be disbursed. An estate lawyer can take the guesswork out of who is responsible for what when Grandma passes and the family is free to grieve as they need to.

When Trying To Become A Legal Citizen

With all the talk in the press regarding immigrants recently, the one thing that isn’t being talked about is the mountains of red tape involved with becoming a legal citizen. There are lots of people who do it on their own and we recommend that anyone trying to become a citizen, employ an immigration lawyer. They know the law well and they can help you navigate every step you need to take. It won’t necessarily cut down on the length of time it takes to become legalized, in many cases it can take two decades, but it can eliminate extra frustration and headaches along the way.


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