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Landing a Job: Why Subject Lines Matter Most

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Everyone wants to be able to find a job where they can grow and prosper. In fact, there is someone else trying to apply for the same exact position as you. If this applicant is better suited and follows all of the appropriate techniques, they will most likely be hired.

Unfortunately, there is much more to landing a job in the digital world. Your charisma and personality will need to shine through words and emails. The times when you walk into an office to hand in a resume and make the perfect impression are becoming less and less important. Now, there is one resounding area that needs to be perfected email.

Did you know that every day almost 90 billion emails are sent in the business world alone? This means that if your subject line is not able to attract attention, your mail will simply be overlooked or deleted. With many recruiters working through email alone, you must know how to grab their attention as quickly as possible.

Get to the Point

All too often job applicants think that more words will make them standout. This is definitely not the case. There is said to be just 60 characters that are readable in a subject line. If these characters are not right to the point, the reader disregards to email.

Instead of starting with: My name is John and I am applying for…,” you can start with “Content writer that has written for Forbes, ESPN…” This will get right to the point and will be able to alert the person that you are likely applying for their job opening as a writer. If you do not want to put specifics, you can simply put “Content writer with 20 years of experience.”

Be Specific

Sometimes, you will be past the point of writing your credentials. Perhaps the recruiter asked for a follow-up mail to be sent a week from now. With many applicants, you might have been overlooked if you put the wrong subject line.

Always be specific with what you write. “John Doe Following Up…” or “Required Follow Up on Content Writer Opening” are both better suited for the job and will allow the recruiter to be alerted to your mail far more quickly.

Referring Names are Powerful

The power of being referred is simply too much to overlook. When someone refers you to a company, this alone can help you get a job. If someone referred you, it is a catch line that must be put into the subject line.

This can be done by writing “Referred by” followed by a person’s name and the position you are applying for.

Some Etiquette Rules to Consider

There are many rules to consider with your subject line as well as your actual email that is sent. The following rules must be followed:

  • Remember to mention your name.
  • The position that you are applying for must be listed.
  • If someone referred you, always mention their name.
  • Write in a professional manner. There is no reason for spelling mistakes.
  • Do not try getting the attention of a person by writing all in CAPS.
  • Emails are often filtered. Always use strong words, such as applying for or applicant to ensure your mail is seen.

By adhering to the common subject line guidelines, you are increasing your overall visibility greatly. This allows recruiters to easily sift through emails and ensures your mail is never deleted.

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