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Know About the 5 Legendary Beach Shacks in Goa

Whenever the name of Goa pops up on your screen, there are high chances that your mind begins imagining the happy images of beaches, parties and the tasty food of the famous beach shacks. And if you are an unfortunate wanderlust soul who has not got the opportunity to witness the wonder of Goa even when staying so near in Mumbai, it is time to plan that never-happening Goa trip. You can simply book cheap flight tickets from Mumbai to Goa online and lay down the foundation of your dream trip.

Now though we can’t help you much with the cheap flight tickets from Mumbai to Goa, we can certainly guide you on what to see and what to look for on your trip. In this article, you can know about the five legendary beach shacks in Goa you must visit once. So, read ahead and start planning!

  • Curlies Beach Shack

The first on our list is the famous Curlies Beach Shack at Anjuna Beach. Be it the fantastic food, booming music, shisha or the free wifi; this beach shack offers it all. One of the best highlights of this beach shack is its soundproof nightclub which is sure to add a strawberry on the top of your goa experience. And if you are a peace lover, then also Curlies won’t let you down as it faces the sea, so cool and peaceful wave sound can get through your mind and give you a happy feeling.

Where: Near Flea Market, Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna

What to Try: Prawn Tempura and Jacked Potato

  • La Plage Beach Shack

If you want the French flavour to savour your taste buds, then La Plage Beach Shack is where you will find your cravings satisfied. However, do get a prior reservation for it. The beach shack which is nestled on the seaside is renowned for its fantastic French dishes. The look of the shack is also pleasing giving you a great feeling on your weekend trip.

Where: Ashvem Beach, Mandrem

What to Try: Liver Pate and Tuna Steak

  • Sublime Beach Shack

A yet another fabulous beach shack in Goa, Sublime beach shack serves an exclusive European cuisine that will grab the attention of every food lover. As the name suggests, the sublime and elegant ambience is also one of the best things to look forward to when you visit this soothing beach shack on Morjim beach. In case you are visiting Goa with your family, Sublime beach shack is where you must go.

Where:  Morjim Beach Road, Morjim

What to Try: Prawn Tempura and Tuna Tartare

  • Pina Colada Beach Shack

A gem of a beach shack hidden in the Colva beach in South Goa, Pina Colada Beach Shack offers quality time to the tourists wanting to get away with their hectic city life. The place is also suitable for the lover on a date as it offers a perfect romantic setting for a mesmerizing candlelight dinner near the sea. If you have been thinking about proposing your loved one, here is your chance to take a step further and begin your love story!

Where: Fatona, Colva

What to Try: Goan Fish Curry, and Pina Colada

  • Villa Blanche Bisto

Now the last one in the list is much more of a homely abode if you are seeking a tranquil ambience to set your soul on the peaceful path. Come to this modern bistro, eat your favourite snacks and throw away the mundane and boring pressure of your life!

Where: 283, Badem Church Road, Socol Vaddo, Assagao

What to Try: German Pork Sausages, and Waffles

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Then what is holding you back? Cheap flight tickets from Mumbai to Goa are available on various websites, so just find the one that is budget-friendly for you and head to this happening weekend destination!

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