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Job Search Basics You May be Neglecting

8fee52c3d1ec45cca74779c90492177cYou’ve spent hours toiling over your resume, triple checking your LinkedIn profile, and practicing well-informed interview answers, but despite your best efforts, your cellphone isn’t ringing and your inbox remains empty. If the same job search techniques are netting you a whole lot of nothing try taking a step back to reflect on which job search basics you may be neglecting.

Developing a Positive Online Presence.  LinkedIn is a undoubtedly a fantastic starting point for any job seeker, but it’s certainly not an end- at least that’s not how employers see it.  According to a 2006 survey by ExecuNet, 77 of 100 executive recruiters used search engines to learn more about candidates, and 35 percent eliminated a candidate from consideration based on the information they uncovered online.

As the world becomes increasingly digital job seekers need to become increasingly vigilant about their online footprint- not just on LinkedIn, but everywhere.  Before posting a status update or sharing photo on a social networking site (or elsewhere), take a moment to as yourself, “Is this adding value to the conversation and representing me in a positive way?”

The importance of the online world goes far beyond managing your reputation on Facebook or Instagram, it also offers a unique opportunity to showcase your work and skills beyond the one page resume.  Consider starting a website or a blog that demonstrates all the wonderful and unique contributions you can make, both as a person and a professional.

Getting Face to Face.  As important as the online world is, getting good at the up close and personal is just as much a part of the job search process. You can spend all day browsing job boards and forums online, but none of it will be as powerful as having a meaningful face to face conversation.  Once again, stay positive and add value- always.  You never know where your next opportunity or recommendation (good OR bad) is going to come from.

Using Your Time Effectively.  It’s easy to get caught up in the small, insignificant details during the monotony of the job search- trying 12 different fonts on your resume and checking out what it would look like in wingdings isn’t really productive though, it’s procrastination.  Streamline your job search efforts by structuring your time effectively.  Use a site like that aggregates job listings you can spend less time searching and more time doing.  The focus should be result producing activities- pitching, networking, interviewing, etc- not just shuffling around, browsing and reorganizing all day long.

Positivity.  Looking for a job can be draining if not downright depressing at times, but bringing that negativity into the interview room won’t do anything for your hiring chances.  Smiles and positivity come through in every form of communication, from interview to email- and they can go a long way.  At the end of the day, it’s not just a company that needs an employee, it’s a person who needs a co-worker.  Exude positivity as well as value.



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  • I know this is an old fashioned idea but when you go for an interview look the part. If you are trying to enter the corporate world, or even a small locally owned business, dress like a professional. Unless you are applying at a tattoo parlor, cover up the tats with sleeves. Take out the nose and eyebrow piercings, and put on a suit and tie, or at a minimum khakis and a dress shirt. I know the idea of exhibiting one’s individuality is often overpowering, but you need to remember who is making the decision whether or not to hire you and take your cue from them.

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