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Is the Honda Ridgeline the best truck ever made – Part 3 of 3

We’ve finally hit the home stretch! Let’s recap what we’ve covered so far. In Part 1, we realized we needed a replacement for my Acura (well, wanted with a little bit of need in there) and decided that a combo wagon, SUV, crossover (isn’t that already a combo wagon & SUV?) and truck would be the best deal. Hmmm, what fits that description?

Well, so far I’ve only mentioned the Honda Ridgeline, but there is also the Subaru Baja (too small), Ford Explorer SportsTrac (just doesn’t beat the options and versatility of the Honda) and the Chevy Avalanche (too expensive in comparison, low crash test ratings for such a big vehicle). So there you have it, the Honda Ridgeline is the best truck ever made, right? Well, I do have to admit, as an owner, that there are areas of improvements:

  1. Could get better gas mileage than an average 17mpg. However, with 4 adults + luggage on a 150 mile drive to Ocean City, MD this past weekend, I got 21.14 mpg. Of course there was no traffic and the temperature was in the optimal range (60s)
  2. Transmission could be smoother. Having owned an Acura that had a transmission replaced, I’m wary of Honda transmissions and any strange noises or shifting out of them.
  3. Could be less torquey. However, that is only personal preference as I don’t need all that grunt off the line. I’d rather save on the fuel and use that torque in the higher gears.

So, do these reasons constitute a downgrade from the Best Truck Ever Made pedestal? Well, in my opinion, no. Even after looking at the other trucks, SUVs, wagons and vans on the road, all I could wish for is better fuel economy and smoother shifting (it’s an automatic). However, when you look at vehicles of this size and power, you’ll see the Ridgeline is actually average to above average with fuel economy, reliability (well, initial), and power.

You know what? I think I’m justified in crowning the Honda Ridgeline “The Best Truck Every Made”, and only hope that Toyota doesn’t catch onto the idea with their next revision of the Tacoma.

Now, maybe the next purchase would be a new Mini Cooper for my wife.

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