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Is Clever Dude taking over the world?

Update: I’m updating this post as more countries come online, but I’m not updating everything. You’ll see new numbers with the slash through the old.

Well, not yet, but I by looking at my Google Analytics reports, has been seen in all but about 19 countries, mostly in Africa.

That means that at least 1 person has read my articles in 176 180 countries or territories since starting this blog 2 years ago. You can see the map below, or click here to see the large version. The countries in green have had at least one visitors since June 6, 2006 (not updated):

Unfortunately, Google Analytics doesn’t show the country name when you mouse-over one which has 0 visitors. From my basic knowledge of geography, and with the help of google maps, here are the countries who have not been enlightened by Clever Dude:

  1. Greenland (that really big one in the top middle)
  2. Western Sahara
  3. Mauritania
  4. Guinea
  5. Burkina Faso
  6. Niger
  7. Chad
  8. Central African Republic
  9. DR Congo
  10. Congo (Brazzaville)
  11. Gabon
  12. Somalia
  13. Madagascar (you got to move it, move it!)
  14. Turkmenistan
  15. Uzbekistan
  16. Tajikistan
  17. North Korea
  18. Bhutan
  19. French Guiana (Guyane)
  20. Mauritius

So, if you know anyone in any of these countries, please ask them to browse on over to so their country can be represented in the 320,000 or so visitors that I’ve received in the past 2 years!

Who are my biggest traffic producers?

You can probably guess where most of my traffic originates from, but I bet you wouldn’t guess that Malaysia loves Clever Dude. Granted, that’s only 671 people in the last 2 years, but it’s love nonetheless!:

  1. United States: 275,000+ or about 86% of my total traffic
  2. Canada: 16,000+ or about 5%
  3. United Kingdom: 7,000+ or about 2.2%
  4. Australia: 3,000+ or about 1%
  5. India: 1435
  6. Germany: 1089
  7. France: 813
  8. Netherlands: 738
  9. Malaysia: 671
  10. Singapore: 621

Thanks to all of you, even the 1 person from Eritrea, who have browsed to my site, even if 99% of all my visitors probably came by accident and thought this was a porn site.

And for all you people from Nigeria, I can’t get you a free laptop, so please stop asking.

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