Insider Tips That Get You The Most From Deal Sites

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Deals sites are a great way to save money on your purchases. These sites offer a wide variety of merchandise at attractive prices, allowing diligent shoppers to save between 30 percent and 70 percent on the price of the things they want to purchase. While using these sites to score great deals seems pretty straightforward, there are some insider tips and tricks that you can use to save even more. Here are some of my favorite insider tips to get the most from deals sites.

Local Deals My Be Valid At All Stores In A National Chain

You may be able to score a great deal from a deals site by viewing those that are outside your local area if the deal is for a national chain, like Starbucks or AMC Theaters. The deals offered by national chains are often valid for all of the chains’ locations across the United States. If you are unsure of whether a deal will be honored by your local store, read the fine print on the deals site or call the store and ask them if they will honor the deal.

Comparison Shop To See If The Deal Is Really A Deal

Some deals site offer deals that are not really deals when you compare them to the regular price of the item you are considering purchasing. The site makes these prices look like deals so that you will spend more and they will make more money. When you see a deal that looks great, take a few minutes to search for what other sites are asking for the product. You may find that you can get the same great price purchasing the item from a local retail store, where you will not have to pay for shipping, or buying the item directly from the manufacturer.

Pay Close Attention To Expiration Dates

For deals that involve vouchers or gift certificates, pay close attention to the expiration date before you decide to buy. Purchasing the voucher at a discount will do you no good if the voucher expires before you can use it. If you do purchase a voucher that expires from a deals site, set a reminder on your smartphone a week before the expiration date so you can ensure that the voucher gets used.

Check Out The Additional Perks

A number of deals sites have additional perks for regular users to encourage them to continue using the site. For example, NoMoreRack often offers free shipping on items purchased within a three-hour window on weekday evenings. Instead of paying $2 each to ship the items that you want, you can have everything shipped for free by waiting for this window. Groupon offers users $10 for referring friends that purchase a deal through the site, allowing users to earn up to $100 to use on future purchases on the site. These additional perks can be quite lucrative for those that take advantage of them.

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