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Inexpensive Ways to Woo Your Wife…By Clever Dudette

Hello again from Clever Dudette. This time I figured I’d write towards the “Marriage and Life” section of this site, but with a financial twist.

So, all you frugal men out there probably think that it’s better to be frugal than to spend money to woo your wife, or that you have to go to extravagant measures to make her happy. Now, granted, the MINI Cooper is an awesome gift and I still smile when I see it…..But let’s not talk about that right now….(although i appreciate it very much). Let’s talk about inexpensive ways to kiss up to your honey.

Here’s a list of simple things you can do to romance your wife without spending a fortune (from a woman’s perspective):

1. black eyed susan flowersKeep fresh flowers on the table. Mike always has flowers for me, and they don’t cost a fortune. The bunch of flowers from your local grocery store works well. Mike might spend ~$4-10 every 3 weeks to keep me smiling…and although he might not think I always appreciate it, I often stare at the flowers while I’m eating breakfast in the morning and smile at the flowers he has chosen….

2. Give her cards. Buy her cards on those special days: her birthday, your anniversary, your kid’s birthdays (to say thanks)….and even those unscheduled days like a big presentation/business meeting, etc. You could buy blank cards at the store (in bulk) or the $0.99 cards at Hallmark….OR if you want to be even more inexpensive, send her e-cards online. They say that the way to a woman’s heart is to make her laugh so send her some funny ecards to make her smile. What’s important is what you say in the card.

3. Send her messages. Text her on her cell phone to let her know you’re thinking of her. Or, if she has a pager, page her. Send her emails to say “Hi!”. These are so inexpensive–about 0-25 cents per message, depending on the carrier.

4. If she’s not a card or flower person, find that little thing that she likes and do that for her. Find that little thing that you can do to make her feel special and know that you still appreciate her. Remember, you don’t have to give her something expensive to show that you care about her…..if she likes jewelry, she may laugh if you get her those $0.50 fun toys at the end of the grocery store. Who knows…Be creative and patient and know that she really does appreciate those little things you do.

However, avoid too many little things because they can get overwhelming, invasive or she could actually start taking them for granted.
Keep it spontaneous and different!

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