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Important Reminder: Grab your…

…originals from the copier before leaving the room. On Tuesday, I made copies of our title and security interest filing for our Malibu across the hall. Last night, I opened up the folder to just look at the backs of the documents to confirm what I needed to fill out when we sell the car.

The Security Interest Filing wasn’t there! I panicked. I knew almost immediately that I must have left it in the copier. Over the two days since I made the copies, the following could have happened:

  1. Someone took the paper, knowing it was important, and is holding it hostage
  2. Someone found the paper and handed it to the receptionist. The receptionist could either have kept it in a safe spot or shredded it (she doesn’t really have much going on in her life)
  3. No one used the copier and the document is still in there

I actually felt ill thinking about it, but kept telling myself there was nothing I could do about it until I got into work this morning. But it kept popping up in my head and I had to force it back out. This morning, I rushed into the office, went directly to the copier, opened it up and Voila!, there it was. Whew!

So a little lesson for you. ALWAYS take your originals when you’re done making copies. Or make the copies at home if you have a multi-purpose machine. (I made the copies since I needed to fax the documents, and I didn’t want the fax machine to tear up the originals).

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  • or,
    4. your boss could have found the paper in the copier or could have been informed about the paper in the copier and fired you for using company equipment for personal use.

  • Sorry, I didn’t link to my article about the security interest filing again. It’s a Maryland-specific thing. When you have a loan on the vehicle, you get the title, but the bank/MVA holds the security interest filing. You need both pieces of paper together to sell the vehicle.

  • Wow, I guess you had a lucky angel looking after you there. 🙂

    You would like to think someone in your office would have tried to track you down if they had noticed it before you got to it, but you never can tell.

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