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I’m hosting the next Carnival of Personal Finance (Monday Jan 5)!

The newest Carnival of Personal Finance schedule just came out and it looks like I’m on the hook to host January 5th, which is issue #186. A blog carnival is an online event where blog authors submit their best article of the week and a single site posts those links in whatever format they choose.

So please, submit your single best article from the past week using this form and these rules. You have until 5pm EST Sunday to submit, but I will say that I give preference to early submissions (unless your article is super good).

If you recall, the last Carnival I hosted was issue #103, The 24 Edition. I made up a whole story around each of the submissions, and even edited a few photos of Jack Bauer, toilets and puppies (check it out). It was A LOT of work (at least 2 full work days), but everyone loved it.

I don’t have specific plans for this next carnival, but I’ll be disappointed with myself if I just post a bunch of links in categories. But depending on the amount of submissions (usually over 100), time will decide my course of action. You’ll have to check back on January 5th to find out!

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