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If you owned…

what would you do with it? I got this idea from Problogger this morning and thought it was a good idea to ask my readers.

What would you change? What topics would you like to cover? What would you add or remove to the design? Colors? Fonts? Anything??? I know you would do SOMETHING different if it was yours and I want your honest opinion.

This is your chance to speak up and give me feedback on what you would do with this site if it was YOURS! So speak up! Feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly with your ideas.

UPDATE: Now I want to be clear that this isn’t a “Pimp My Blog” type posting. This is if you took over my readership, stats and ownership, what would you do with this site? (other than selling it for a profit).

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  • I would prominently link to my blog from every page.

    On a more serious note, I think your blog is already excellent. The only thing I would do is move the “Best of Clever Dude” up above AdSense.

  • Now I want to be clear (and I’ll update the post with this), that this isn’t a “Pimp My Blog” type posting. This is if you took over my readership and stats, what would you do with this site?

  • I’d probably expand a little into some other categories. (at least test the waters a little) Your header mentions marriage and life, but the categories list to the right is all about PF & money. If you’ve got decent advice and built a readership based on just finances, perhaps testing the waters more on what to do with other aspects of life could work out as well.

    If that advice is already burried within money posts, maybe refine the posting style to separate topics more so the categories list can grow just a little bit.

  • Some general comments about most PF blogs that I don’t like as a reader:
    * I don’t read posts about how much somebody’s personal net worth went up or down for the month
    * I don’t read posts about blog carnivals usually and PF blogs seem to really promote carnivals more than most topics do.

    Some things I’d like to see more of as a PF blog reader in general:
    * original content, good advice, money saving tips, product and book reviews, etc.

    Update the design if it’s been a while. I’d make it a goal to try and double the readership. Maybe hold some contests/giveaways (a la Darren @ ProBlogger). Another thought would be to offer to help people with different financial questions…maybe they email them to you or fill out a form and you’d feature the issue and the solution in a post.

    In all I think you do a fine job, but there’s always room for improvement. Keep up the good work!

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