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If You Eat At Subway, You HAVE To Take Advantage of This Promotion!

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As I entered the nearby Subway restaurant, I shook my head as I saw a sign advertising a promotion. I had been waiting for it, as I believe they’ve run the same promotion the last few years right around the holidays.

Customers receive a free six inch sub sandwich with the purchase of a gift card worth at least $20.

From now until the end of the promotion, every time I enter a Subway, I’m taking advantage of the promotion. There are three reasons why the Subway promotion works perfectly for me:

Free Lunch

Each time I take advantage of the promotion, I get a free sandwich. If it’s my entire family eating it reduces the number of sandwiches I have to pay for from 3 to 2. If I’m eating there for lunch during the work week, my lunch is free (I always have water and fruit from home at my office to go with the sandwich).

Gift Card Use

My family eats at Subway frequently, sometimes as often as once a week. Additionally, there are times when I will hit up Subway for lunch during the work week. Any gift cards that I purchase will eventually be used through the process of normal life. I’m basically trading money for Subway credit. For the restaurant chain it guarantees that I will be coming back, but in my case, I’m coming back anyway so there’s nothing lost on my end.

Give As Gifts

I can guarantee that sometime during the holidays I’ll be giving at least one Subway gift card to someone as a gift, or using it as a prize in a holiday game. In this case, I’ll already have it paid for, and in my possession.

If asked, the employees will say they have no idea how long the promotion will last, but I plan to take full advantage of it. I’m hoping to get many free lunches, and have gift cards to fund my Subway visits for months to come.

Subway isn’t the only restaurant offering gift card promotions this time of year, are you taking advantage of any?

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