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I won $46 this past week!

I’ve explained why I play the lottery before, and this past week I finally won a little bit to help dig back out of the losses I’ve incurred by spending about $3-6 per week on lottery tickets (Mega Millions and MD Multi-Match usually).

I generally don’t buy scratch-off tickets because they can be addictive (“well maybe the next one is a winner”), but on Friday I decided to buy a $2 ticket along with my regular weekend lotto purchases. I didn’t win on the first ticket, but on the way out I decided to buy just one more (see, I told you!).

I won $25!

Yeah, small condolence since I basically lose every other time, but I don’t buy lottery tickets thinking I’ll hit it big. It’s more of the idea and feeling of winning that’s more exciting than actually winning. But enough about lotteries. Let’s talk about other gambling.

Tonight I went to a church function and they had their regular 50/50 raffle. I’ve been a member of this group for about 5 years and I have never won the raffle. It’s always the nice guys who win this one! Go figure, it IS a church function.

But this time, I pitched in my $2 for 1 ticket, thinking I was just contributing for the chips and beer I enjoyed and when it came time to call the winner, they called my ticket!

My share of the 50/50 was $21!

What will I do with all this money? Well we already spent the $25 on dinner with friends on Saturday (well, most of it) and I’ll probably use the $21 towards lunch this week. I did consider giving the money back to the church, but sushi was calling. Mmm, sushi.

It’s nice to finally win something. Although I was rather rude to many of my fellow commuters today so I doubt this was a reward for good behavior. Time to be pessimistic again and wait for the bad karma to catch up to me.

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  • I like playing the lottery in a pool at work. There are 14 of us who all chip in 6 bucks every two weeks (on payday). I just know in the depths of my gut that the week I tell them I’m not in the pool anymore that they are going to win, so I don’t quit.

    I’ve won the 50/50 at work 2 times now, since about 1400 people work there it’s been a good haul each time. The first one I just blew on nothing, the second one the kids were older so I bought a Wii, and it’s been fantastic.

  • I don’t like lottery because the statistical odds are too low for me. I do however gamble at the boat once a year on my wife’s birthday. We each have $20 bucks and I usually double mine and she loses her’s, so it’s like breaking even. Games like blackjack and poker have much better odds than your numbers being picked. Glad you won money though, if it’s working for you that’s all that matters.

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